Andrea West

Andrea West


Phone: 03 522 72084

Location: Rollins Lab, Deakin University, Geelong

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly centred on mechanisms underlying animal behaviour. I am interested in understanding how behaviour drives invasion, the molecular ecology of invasive species and behavioural endocrinology. I am particularly intrigued by the contributions of phenotypic plasticity and rapid local adaptation of invasive species to novel environments.

Current Research

Project Title: What makes a good invader? The genetic basis of behaviour of invasive cane toads

Project Description: The ability of individuals to rapidly respond and adjust to novel environments may be a key trait of invasive species. In Australia an array of phenotypic differences have been demonstrated between cane toads from the core of the invasion front and those on the invasion front. My PhD research will look at genome wide variation in wild populations of invasive cane toads, focusing on gene expression in the brain, to identify genetic and epigenetic variation between these populations. The incorporation of ecological and behavioural data with genomic and epigenomic data will enable me to answer fundamental questions about how organisms adapt to novel environments.