Shine Lab

Rick Shine - Editorial Boards

Year Editorial Board
1988- Copeia, advisory board (based in USA)
1989- Journal of Herpetology (based in USA)
1990-1997 Wildlife Research (a CSIRO journal based in Melbourne)
1994-2000 Herpetological Conservation (based in USA)
1997-2003 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (based in Germany)
1997 Ecology, ad hoc Editor (based in USA)
2000-2007 Journal of Evolutionary Biology
2003-2010 Contemporary Herpetology (ejournal based in USA)
2004- Current Zoology
2005-2010 Biology Letters (published by the Royal Society, London)
2005- Canadian Journal of Zoology
2005-2009 Applied Herpetology
2010-2015 Evolutionary Ecology
2010- Asian Herpetological Research
2012- Biology Open (advisory board)
2012- Animal Biotelemetry