Shine Lab

Rick Shine - Honours Students

Student Year Project
Kerri Gallagher 1981 Isotopic methods for determining food intake in free-ranging lizards (joint supervision with Dr. G. C. Grigg)
Frederick Patchell 1982 Ecology and feeding adaptations in pygopodid lizards
Craig James  1983 Diets and reproductive biology of tropical versus temperate lizards
John Scanlon  1985 Phylogeny of Australian burrowing snakes
Caroline Camilleri 1987 Sexual dimorphism in snakes
Jonathan Webb 1990 Behavioural studies on typhlopid snakes
Geordie Torr 1990 Social behaviour in scincid lizards
Christine Schlesinger 1991 Habitat selection in geckos
Danielle Ayers 1992 Thermoregulation in pythons
Catherine Rummery 1992 Thermal ecology of forest dragons (joint supervision with Dr. M.B. Thompson)
John Fairbairn 1993 Phylogeny of a reproductively bimodal scincid lizard (joint supervision with Drs. J.A. Sved and M. Frommer)
Melanie Elphick 1995 Phenotypic plasticity in a montane scincid lizard
Sarah Smith 1996 Reproductive biology of the scincid lizard Saiphos equalis
Julia Shoulder 1997 Temperature effects on development in the cane toad Bufo marinus
Claire Goldsbrough 1998 Habitat selection by saxicolous animals (joint supervision with Dr. D. Hochuli)
Jennifer Koenig 1998-1999 Ecology of urban bluetongue lizards (joint supervision with Dr. Glenn Shea)
Allison Mokany 2000-2001 Ecological interactions between mosquitoes and tadpoles
Bansi Shah 2001-2002 Social organisation in lizards (joint supervision with Drs. S. Hudson and M. Kearney)
John Llewelyn 2002-2003 Thermal biology of elapid snakes (joint supervision with Drs. F. Seebacher and J. Webb)
Carla Avolio 2004 Sexual dimorphism in sea-snakes (joint supervision with Dr. A. Pile)
Matthew Greenlees 2004-2005 Ecological impact of cane toads (joint supervision with Drs. J. Webb and G.P. Brown)
Haley Bowcock 2006-2007 Sexual conflict in anurans (joint supervision with Dr. G.P. Brown)
Travis Child 2006-2007 Ecology of metamorph cane toads (joint supervision with Dr. B. Phillips)
Crystal Kelehear 2006-2007 Host-parasite relations in cane toads (joint supervision with Dr. J. Webb)
Ben Croak 2007 Habitat restoration for an endangered snake  (joint supervision with Dr. J. Webb)
David Nelson 2007-2008 Toad vs frog: acoustic cues and responses (joint supervision with Dr. M. Crossland)
Georgia Ward-Fear 2008 Manipulating the spatial ecology of metamorph toads  (joint supervision with Dr. G. Brown)
Stephanie O'Donnell 2008-2009 Learning in dasyurid marsupials (joint supervision with Dr. J. Webb)
David Llewellyn 2009 Toad immunocompetence (joint supervision with Prof. M. B. Thompson)
Amanda Elzer 2009 Fire effects on habitat quality (jointly with Drs J. Webb, G. Shea)
Chris Spraggon 2010 Varanid vulnerability to cane toads (jointly with Drs J. Webb, M. Letnic)
Mitchell Scott 2011 Snake sociality (jointly with Drs. J. Webb, M. Whiting)
Iris Bleach 2011 Toad impacts on frog behaviour (jointly with Dr. Christa Beckmann)
Chalene Bezzina 2012 Cognition in lizards
Damian Lettoof 2012 Host-parasite interactions in anurans (jointly with Dr. Matt Greenlees)
Samantha McCann 2012-2013 Dispersal ecology of invasive toads (jointly with Dr. Matt Greenlees)
Greg Clarke 2013-2014 Toad pheromonal communication (jointly with Dr. Michael Crossland)
Chris Jolly 2013-2014 Evolution in response to invasive species (jointly with Dr. Matt Greenlees)
Felicity Nelson 2013-2014 Host-parasite relationships (jointly with Dr. Greg Brown)
Damian Holden 2014 Toad immunology and behaviour (jointly with Dr. Greg Brown)
Camilla Raven 2015-2016 Tadpole aggregation (jointly with Dr. Ashley Ward)
Lachlan Pettit 2015-2016 Translocation ecology (jointly with Dr. Matt Greenlees)
Renee Sylvester 2015-2016 Toads and bees (jointly with Dr. Matt Greenlees and Prof. Ben Oldroyd)
Patrick Finnerty 2016-2017 Host-parasite biology in invasions (jointly with Dr. Greg Brown)
Katarina Stuart 2016-2017 Phenotypic plasticity in invasions (jointly with Dr. Greg Brown)

Rick Shine - Graduate Students

Student Year Project
David J. Slip (MSc) 1982-1986 Ecology and thermal biology of the diamond python
Craig D. James (PhD) 1985-1989 Ecology of desert lizards (joint supervision with Dr. S. R. Morton)
Douglas Armstrong (PhD) 1986-1990 The role of food limitation in bird behaviour
Darryl L. Houston (PhD) 1985-1992 Ecology of the arafura filesnake in northern Australia
Francis L. Lemckert (MSc) 1986-1990 Reproductive biology and population dynamics of frogs
Linda Schwarzkopf (PhD) 1986-1991 Costs of reproduction in a viviparous skink, Eulamprus tympanum
M. Julian Caley (PhD) 1986-1991 Structuring mechanisms in communities of coral reef fishes
Simon Blomberg (PhD) 1989-1994 Body size, ecology and life history of a lizard
Kaliope Katsikaros (MSc) 1990-1994 Sexual dimorphism in the tusked frog Adelotus brevis
Carl P. Qualls (PhD) 1991-1995 Evolution of viviparity in the scincid lizard Lerista bougainvillii
Paul Doughty (PhD) 1992-1996 Allometry of reproductive output in lizards
Fiona J. Qualls (PhD) 1993-1996 Phenotypic plasticity and reptilian reproduction
Jonathan K. Webb (PhD) 1992-1996 Ecology of the endangered snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides
J. Scott Keogh (PhD) 1993-1997 Phylogeny of elapid snakes
Patrick B. Whitaker (PhD) 1993-1999 Ecological studies on brownsnakes (Pseudonaja textilis)
Sharon J. Downes (PhD) 1996-1999 Predator-prey interactions in reptiles
Pedro Borges-Landaez (PhD) 1996-1999 Phenotypic plasticity in viviparous lizards
Sohan Shetty (MSc) 1998-2000 Ecology of sea kraits
David J. Pearson (PhD) 1994-2002 Ecology of pythons (joint supervision with Dr. R. A. How)
Mark Fitzgerald (PhD) 1997-2003 Effects of forestry practices on an endangered snake
Anja Klingenböck (exchange student) 1997 (Geobotanical Institute, Zurich, Switzerland), Biology of forest lizards
Konrad Osterwalder (exchange student) 1997 (Geobotanical Institute, Zurich, Switzerland), Biology of forest lizards
Sara Broomhall (PhD) 1998-2002 Phenotypic plasticity in amphibians
Thomas Flatt (exchange student) 1998 (University of Basel, Switzerland), Phenotypic plasticity
David O'Connor (PhD) 1999-2003 Social behaviour in lizards
Michael Kearney (PhD) 1999-2003 Thermal ecology of geckos
Robert Reed (Fulbright Scholar) 2000 (Auburn University, USA), Macroecology of snakes
Olivier Lourdais (PhD) 1998-2002 (CNRS, France; joint supervision with Dr. X. Bonnet), Snake ecology and physiology
Ben Phillips (PhD) 2001-2004 Evolutionary responses of snakes to toxic prey
Rob Pringle (exchange student) 2002 (University of Pennsylvania, USA), Thermal biology of snakes
Tracy Langkilde (PhD) 2002-2005 Social behaviour in lizards
Michael Wall (PhD) 2003-2005 Foraging tactics of squamate reptiles
Daniel Warner (PhD) 2003-2007 Temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles
Amanda Lane (PhD) 2004-2009 Sea-snake ecology and genetics
Francois Brischoux (PhD) 2004-2007 (CNRS, France; joint supervision with Dr. X. Bonnet), Sea-snake ecology
Mattias Hagman (PhD) 2004-2007 Larval ecology of cane toads
David Pike (PhD) 2006-2009 Ecological effects of shifting vegetation density
Matt Greenlees (PhD) 2006-2009 Ecological impacts of an invasive species on frogs
John Llewelyn (PhD) 2006-2011 Evolutionary impact of an invasive species on predators
Christa Beckmann (PhD) 2007-2010 Avian predation on cane toads
Rory Telemeco (Fulbright Scholar) 2007-2008 (University of Central Oklahoma, USA), Lizard reproduction and climate change
Ruchira Somaweera (PhD) 2008-2012 Cane toad impact on crocodiles
Samantha Price-Rees (PhD) 2008-2012 Biology of bluetongue lizards
Crystal Kelehear (PhD) 2008-2012 Host-parasite interactions
Reid Tingley (PhD) 2009-2012 Cane toad invasion biology
Ben Croak (PhD) 2009-2012 Habitat restoration for an endangered snake
Elisa Cabrera-Guzman (PhD) 2009-2012 Cane toad larval ecology and control
Edna Gonzalez-Bernal (PhD) 2009-2012 Cane toad habitat use
Cissy Ballen (PhD) 2009-2013 (major supervisor Prof Mats Olsson), Sex in dragons
Joshua Amiel (PhD)
2010-2013 Learning in reptiles
Uditha Wijethunga (PhD)
2012-2015 Cane toad evolution
Sarsha Gorissen (PhD) 2012-2016 Conservation biology of endangered reptiles
Georgia Ward-Fear (PhD) 2013-2016 Invasive toad impact and control
Daniel Natusch (PhD) 2013-2016 Ecology of tropical pythons
Jacqueline Mallison (MSc) 2013 Landscape ecology of montane lizards
Cameron Hudson (PhD) 2013-2017 Cane toad evolution
Jodie Gruber (PhD) 2013- Cane toad behaviour
Samantha McCann (PhD) 2014- Cane toad control
Georgia Kosmala (PhD) 2014- Cane toad physiology
Dan Selechnik (PhD) 2015- Cane toad epigenetics
Greg Clarke (PhD) 2015- Cane toad ecology and control
Lachlan Pettit (PhD) 2017- Time course of predator recovery from toad impacts