Shine Lab

Rick Shine - Postdoctoral Fellows

Fellow Year Project
Gregory A. Mengden 1984-1986 Phylogeny of Australian snakes (with Dr H.G. Cogger)
Thomas R. L. Madsen 1989-2000 Effects of climatic variability on tropical predators
Mats M. Olsson 1992-1998 Costs of reproduction and life-histories in montane lizards
Anders Forsman 1993-1994 Evolution of colour polymorphism and life-history variation
Michael S. Y. Lee 1995-1997 Phylogeny of varanoid reptiles
Ambariyanto 1996-1997 Sustainable harvesting of giant reptiles
J. Scott Keogh 1997-1998 Phylogeny and adaptation in elapid snakes
Gregory P. Brown 1998-present Ecology of tropical snakes
Jane Melville 2001-2002 Ecology of desert lizards (with Dr. J. Losos)
Jonathan K. Webb 2001-2012 Snake ecology and conservation
Erik Wapstra 2003-2004 Temperature-dependent sex determination
Weiguo Du 2003-2004 Lizard anti-predator tactics
David Allsop 2004-2006 Temperature-dependent sex determination
Raju Radder 2004-2007 Lizard reproductive biology
Benjamin L. Phillips 2004-2009 Ecological impact of cane toads
Fabien Aubret 2006-2008 Phenotypic plasticity in snakes
Michael Crossland 2006-present Ecology of cane toads
Ligia Pizzatto 2006-2011 Ecology of snakes and cane toads
Weiguo Du 2007-2010 Lizard ecology and behaviour
Jason Kolbe 2006-2007 Invasive species modeling (with Dr. C. Moritz)
Sylvain Dubey 2007-2011 Molecular analyses of ecological questions
Mattias Hagman 2007-2008 Cane toad ecology
Daode Yang 2007-2008 Invasive gecko ecology
Matt Greenlees 2009-present Cane toad ecology
Tom Lindstrom 2011-2013 Modeling of dispersal
Takashi Haramura 2011-2012 Amphibian behavioural ecology
Camila Both 2013-2014 Cane toad evolution
Jayna DeVore 2013-present Cane toad evolution
Simon Ducatez 2014-present Invasion ecology
Zhiqiang Zhang 2014-2015 Cane toad immunology
Hong Li 2014-2015 Developmental plasticity
Wei Chen 2015-2016 Cane toad reproductive biology
Chris Friesen 2016-2018 Gamete evolution and ecology