Our research is organised into two basic themes. The first theme is how plants are affected by and cope with their environment. The scope of this research includes the internal activities of plants. That is those chemical and physical processes associated with life (e.g. photosynthesis, respiration, gas exchange, nutrient uptake). Some of the research projects within this theme are:

  • Metabolomics as a tool to investigate stress tolerance mechanisms
  • Photosynthesis and diffusion of CO2 within leaves
  • How plants cope with constant versus “pulsed” supplies of nutrients and water

The second major theme encompasses ecosystem processes, in particular cycles of C, N, P. Some of the research projects within this theme are:

  • The cycling of organic N in soils
  • Uncovering how water availability affects soil respiration
  • Adaptation and acclimation of soil microbes to N and P
  • Interaction between plants and soil
  • Soil processes at cold temperatures (e.g. under snow)

We are based in laboratories equipped with > $500,000 of state-of-the-art instrumentation at the University of Sydney. Our group has a series of active field and laboratory experiments and ventures into the field on a regular basis.

We have received >$2.5M in research funding in the past 5 years, and welcome potential collaborators, postdocs and students. We can help with PhD scholarships for enthusiastic students who meet the admission standards of the University and have an appropriate background. Applications for Scholarships close in October of each year. A limited number of Postdoctoral Fellowships are available from the Australian Research Council and University of Sydney. For further details on opportunities please follow the opportunities link.