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Honours Students supervised by Professor M.J. Crossley, listed by year of candidacy. The grade of honours awarded and the research thesis titles are also provided:

1981        Lionel G. King        obtained honours H1
"Model Systems for Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenases"

1981        Anita T. Shuhevych        obtained honours H2-2
"The Chemistry of Vitamin D3"

1981        David C. A. Stuart        obtained honours H2-1
"Studies Towards a Synthesis of a Model Systems for Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenases"

1982        Maria M. Catalano        obtained honours H2-1
"Reactions at the Porphyrin Periphery"

1982        Sioe See Chew        obtained honours H2-1
"Model Systems for Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenases"

1982        Adrienne J. Forster        obtained honours H2-1
(Co-supervisor Professor S. Sternhell)
"Study of Steric Hindrance in Porphyrin Systems"

1982        Yik M. Fung        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis of gamma-Lactams of Biological Interest"

1982        Jeffrey J. Gosper        obtained honours H1 and University Medal
"Investigations Involving Nitroporphyrins"

1982        Margaret M. Harding        obtained honours H1
(Co-supervisor Professor S. Sternhell)
"The Pathway of Electron Delocalization in the Porphyrin Macrocycle"

1983        G. Mitchell Wilson        obtained honours H2-1
"Reactions of Metalloporphyrins"

1984        Paul L. Burn        obtained honours H1
"Models for Electron Transfer in Biological Systems"

1984        Christopher M. Kasparian        obtained honours H2-2
(Co-supervisor Professor S. Sternhell)
"Tautomerism in Pyrromethenes"

1984        Simon M. Pyke        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis of 1-Azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptan-2-one"

1986        Megan L. Fisher        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis and 1H NMR Study of Peptide Inhibitors of Human Erythrocyte gamma-Glutamyl Cyclotransferase"

1986        Robert C. Reid        obtained honours H1
"A New Approach to the Synthesis of Arogenate"

1986        Robin Walton        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis and Electrochemical Studies of a New Bis-porphyrin System"

1988        Philip J. Maynard        obtained honours H1
"Approaches to a Novel Tris-porphyrin System"

1988        F. Brett Cuttance        obtained honours H1
"Regiospecific Tetrafunctionalization of Porphyrins"

1989        Steven J. Langford        obtained honours H1
"Regiospecific Functionalisation of the Porphyrin Periphery - Synthesis of Polymer Precursors Required to Test the Little Theory of Superconductivity"

1989        Danne R. Rasmussen        obtained honours H1 and University Medal
"Biased Bis-porphyrins: An Approach to a Molecular Shift Register"

1989        Janelle L. Simpson        obtained honours H2-1
"Studies Directed Towards Development of a Porphyrin-based Artificial Enzyme: Facile Arylation of the Porphyrin Ring"

1990        Derek S. Hale        obtained honours H1
"Development of a Methodology for Introduction of Bends into Porphyrin-based Molecular Wires"

1990        Daniel W. D. Hartley        obtained honours H2-2
"Approaches to a Porphyrin-based Photosynthetic Acceptor"

1990        Andrew C. Try        obtained honours H1
"Oriented Substrate Binding to a Porphyrin Oxygenase System"

1991        J. Patrick Bannerman        obtained honours H1
"Formation of Sterically-unencumbered Porphyrin Systems for Incorporation into Thin Films"

1991        Lesley A. Johnston        obtained honours H1 and University Medal
"Studies Directed Towards the Development of a Molecular Shift Register"

1991        Tai H. Le        obtained Masters (Preliminary)
"Synthesis of Porphyrin Systems for Incorporation into Bilayers"

1992        Linda J. Govenlock        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis of Molecular Wire Precursors"

1992        Efstathia Kyriakopoulos        obtained honours H1
"The Synthesis of Inhibitors of HIV Protease"

1992        Craig S. Sheehan        obtained honours H1 and University Medal
"Metalloporphyrin Assemblies: Potential Precursors to a Molecular-Sized Rectifier"

1993        James A. McDonald        obtained honours H2-1
"Potential Materials for Nonlinear Optics"

1997        Paul J. Sintic        obtained honours H1
"Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Multiporphyrin Arrays"

1997        Joseph Sly        obtained honours H2-1
"Temperature Dependent Properties of Porphyrins"

1997        Richard A.-S. Wu        obtained honours H1
"Chiral Recognition of Amino Acid Derivatives by Bis-porphyrin Receptor Molecules"

1998        Warren A. Hough        obtained honours H1
"Phenanthroline Porphyrins as Potential Molecular Wires"

1998        Caroline Traill        obtained honours H2-1
"Ring Expansion and Contraction of Porphyrins"

1999        Peter Van de Luecht        obtained honours H1
"Modelling the Early Stages of Photosynthesis with Porphyrin Arrays"

2000        Lydia I. Brookton        obtained honours H2-1
"Modified Chromophores for the Study of Artifcial Photosynthesis"

2001        Kristin N. Maher        obtained honours H1 and University Medal
(Co-supervisor Dr J. R. Reimers)
"Porphyrin Architectures for Solar Energy Conversion"

2001        Jenny B. Waern        obtained honours H1
"Design, Synthesis and Studies of a Model Enzyme System"

2002        Peter R. Brotherhood        obtained honours H1
"Molecular Recognition Using Tin(IV) Porphyrins as Host Molecules"

2002        Tony Khoury        obtained honours H1
"Multiple Connector Building Blocks for Use in Porphyrin Lattice Construction"

2002        Melissa J. Quinn        obtained honours H1
"Porphyrin Analogues for the Inhibition of Porphyromonas gingivalis"

2003-2004        Benjamin Yap        obtained honours H1
ôSynthesis of Porphyrin Analogues for Targeted Inhibition of a Key Pathogen of Destructive Periodontitis"

2004       Maxine Sintic        obtained Graduate Diploma

2005       Danial Stocks        obtained honours H1

2005       James Webb        obtained honours H2-1
“Towards the Modular Synthesis of Capped Porphyrins as Cavity Hosts: Mimics of Biological Transport Systems"

2006        Adam Hambly        obtained honours H1
“Porphyrin-Appended Dendrimers: Synthesis, Structure and Function"

2006-2007       Jimmy S. H. Lee        obtained honours H1
“Synthesis and Properties of Noveel Donor-Acceptor Systems based on Ferrocene-Porphyrin-Fullerene Architecture"

2007       George Huyang        obtained honours H1
“Selective Methods for Making Porphyrin-Appended Dendrimers"

2007       Fargol Taba        obtained honours H1
“Design of Steroid Porphyrin as Photodynamic Therapy Agents and Superoxide Dismutase Mimics"

2007-2008       Anthony T. J. Sum        obtained honours H1
“Novel Lipophilic Porphyrins for Self-Assembly"

2007-2008       Max T. H. Sum       obtained honours H1
“Synthesis of Novel Water-Soluble Tellurides and Porphyrin-Amino Acid Conjugates"

2010       Derrick Roberts       obtained honours H1 and University Medal
“Singlet Oxygen Mediated Up-Conversion of Near-Infrared Light"

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PhD Candidates who have been awarded the Ph.D. degree and whose research was supervised by Professor M. J. Crossley, listed by year of thesis submission.

1986        Margaret M. Harding
(Associate-supervisor Professor S. Sternhell)
"A Study of Tautomerism and Atropisomerism in 5,10,15,20-Tetra-Arylporphyrins"

1986        Lionel G. King
"Peripheral Functionalisation of the Porphyrin Ring"

1987        Yik M. Fung
"Dehydroalanines: Synthetic Entry into Complex Amino Acids and Antibiotic Analogues"

1987        Jeffrey J. Gosper
"Porphyrin and Non-porphyrin Models for Cytochrome P-450"

1989        Paul L. Burn
"Porphyrin Annelations"

1989        Andrew W. Stamford
"Anticapsin and Analogues"

1989        Simon M. Pyke
"Structure and Reactivity of Some Metalloporphyrins"

1990        Robert C. Reid
"Synthesis of Complex Amino Acids from Dehydroalanines"

1990        Megan M. Fisher
"The Development of Potent Inihibitors of the Enzymes gamma-Glutamyl-amino Acid Cyclotransferase and Prolidase"

1992        Robin Walton
"Chemical Models for Examining Communication between Porphyrins"

1992        Philip J. Maynard
"Oligomeric Planar Porphyrins"

1993        Steven J. Langford
"Porphyrin-based Building Blocks"

1994        Andrew C. Try
"Porphyrin Based Chiral Molecular Cavities"

1996        Lesley A. Johnston
"Design and Synthesis of Molecular Electronic Devices"

1996        Tai H. Le
"Synthesis of "Molecular Wires" for Incorporation into Langmuir-Blodgett Films"

1996        Kevin M. Brigden
"Asymmetric Approach to Anticapsin"

1996        Craig S. Sheehan
"Metalloporphyrin Assemblies: Potential Precursors to a Molecular-Sized Rectifier"

1996        Linda J. Govenlock
"Synthesis of Porphyrin Arrays"

1998        James A. McDonald
"Synthesis of Imidazoporphyrin Arrays"

2000        Pall Thordarson
"Molecular Recognition of Bis-porphyrins: Towards Self-replication and Templated Synthesis"

2001        Paul J. Sintic
"Synthesis and Physical Properties of Multiporphyrin Arrays"

2002        Richard A.-S. Wu
"Molecular and Chiral Recognition Properties of Porphyrin Based Receptors"

2003        Warren A. Hough
"Synthesis and Properties of Oligoporphyrins: Studies for Use as Molecular Wires"

2003        Joseph Sly
"Porphyrin-appended Dendrimers: Towards Artificial Light Harvesting"

2006        Tony Khoury
"Multiple Connector Building Blocks for Use in Novel Porphyrin Assemblies"

2008       Peter R. Brotherhood
"Axial Ligation at Metalloporphyrins: Applications in Molecular Recognition, Molecular Electronics and Photoinduced Electron Transfer"

2009       Peter Cafe

2010       James E. A. Webb
“Porphyrin-Based Architectures and Anion Sensitive Pyromellitamide Aggregates”

2010       Danial Stocks                               

2010       Ben Yap
“Rational design, synthesis and biological evaluation of porphyrin-antibiotic adducts targeting Porphyromonas gingivalis”

2010       Grace Simpkins
“Investigation of the uptake of porphyrin conjugates by Porphyromonas gingivalis”

2011    Jimmy Sai Ho Lee
“Chemical control of the spectra and photochemistry of functional porphyrin-based molecules”

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Swedish Exchange Students supervised by Professor M. J. Crossley.

1997        Richard Stott

1999        Anders Gabrielsson
"Synthesis of Porphyrin Arrays as Models for the Energy Transfer Processes in Photosynthesis"

1999        Kristian L. Dahlen

2000        Graciel Gonzaga
"Synthesis of Metalloporphyrins as Possible Inhibitors of P. gingivalis"

2002        Ann Lundmark
"Synthesis of a Novel Hybrid Steroid-porphyrin"

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MSc Candidates who have been awarded the MSc degree and whose research was supervised by Professor M. J. Crossley, listed by year of thesis submission.

1985        Sioe See Chew
"Studies Involving Porphyrin Systems"

1994        Sargon Gorjian
(Co-supervisor Professor S. Sternhell)
"Synthesis of Some Novel Tetradentate Ligands"

2003        Kristin N. Maher
(Co-supervisor Dr Jeffrey R. Reimers)
"Porphyrin Architectures for Solar Energy Conversion, Part II"

2005        Mark A. Absalom
"The Development of New Porphyrin-appended Dendrimers for Light-harvesting”

2007        Maxine Sintic
"Porphyrins for Use in Surface Applications and Molecular Devices”

2010        Max T. H. Sum
“Synthesis of Novel Hybrid Steroid-Porphyrin Conjugates for Chemotherapeutic Applications”

2010         Anthony T. J. Sum
“Cost Effective Synthesis of a Selective Gingivitis Inhibitor”

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