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Current Group


Sandra Ast

Sandra joined the Group as a post-doc in January 2013, working with Peter and A/Prof Mat Todd on fluorescent sensors and responsive nanoparticles. This is Sandra's second spell in Sydney: she spent six months here during her PhD, visiting us to collaborate from the University of Potsdam.


Samantha Cheung

Samantha is completing her PhD on the proteins responsible for alkene metabolism in Mycobacteria and their application in biocatalysis and bioremediation. She's working with Dr Nick Coleman and Peter, and is based in the School of Molecular Biosciences.


Patrick Crisologo

Patrick is joining the Group for Honours 2013, working on the design and synthesis of target-activated metal complexes for application as magic bullet cancer drugs and antibiotics. He is jointly supervised by A/Prof Mat Todd .


Prarthana Devi

Prarthana has been a PhD student in the group since July 2010. She is working on cyclobutanone and double-punch antibiotics.


Ayesha Hussain

Ayesha joined the group as a PhD student in March 2010. She is working on the iron/ oxidation project, functionalising hydrocarbons by iron-mediated C-H activation.


Tim Sheedy

Tim joined the Group for a PhD in February 2009. He is working on the double-punch antibiotics project, in association with A/Prof Mat Todd.


Joseph Wong

Joseph completed Honours with us in 2009, then spent two years in industry at Pharmaxis. But he couldn't stay away, and returned to student life as a PhD student in July 2012. He is working on various approaches to functionalising azamacrocycles, towards the goal of target-activated cancer drugs and sensors.


Current Group  |  Previous Members  |  Group Photos


Previous Members


2010–2012       Dr Qun Yu

2007–2008       Dr Elizabeth Barrett


Graduate Students

2011–2012       Daniel Hutchinson

2010–2011       Yu Heng Lau

2007–2010       Kaitlin Beare

2004–2008       Cillian Byrne

2004–2008       Vicky Dungan

2003–2007       Sarah Barry

2003–2007       Kate Houlihan

2003–2007       Conor Scully


Honours Students

2011                Jack Orford

                       Kim Watson

2010                Daniel Hutchinson

                       David Porter

                       Teresa Nguyen

2009                Samantha Cheung

                       Yu Heng Lau

                       Joseph Wong

2008                Belinda Poon

2007                William Early

2006                Shwo Mun Wong

2005                Kieran Kenny

Ed Larkin

Eoin Rafter

Niall Trehey

2004                Jane Crowley

Julie-Ann Lough

Deirdre Walsh


Summer Students and Visitors

2013                Andrew Counsell

2011                Cyril Tang

2008                Rowan Nieuwenhuizen (University of Applied Science Leiden, the Netherlands)

Günther Thiele (Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany)


2005                Shane Gallagher

Paula Williams


2004                Darragh Gaffney


2003                        Christa Prunkl

Ina Rosnizeck


Current Group  |  Previous Members  |  Group Photos


Group Photos














Current Group  |  Previous Members  |  Group Photos

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