The School caters to a wide variety of interests within Science Studies. This page provides an overview of current postgraduate projects within the Unit, displaying the breadth of topics prospective postgraduate students may choose to work with.

Caitrin Donovan - PhD Candidate

Cindy Eric - Masters Candidate

Vanessa Finney - PhD Candidate

Mary Sarah Galbraith - PhD Candidate

Stefan Gawronski - PhD Candidate

Kevin Keith - PhD Graduate 2017

Claire Kennedy - PhD Graduate 2017

Liberty Lawson - PhD Candidate

Linus Huang - PhD Candidate

Laura Sumrall - PhD Candidate

Jennifer Tomlinson - Masters Candidate

Richard White - PhD Candidate

Past Postgraduates

Dr Ian Lawson - PhD

Dr Ian Willis - PhD

Professor Tamra Lysaght - PhD

Megan Baumhammer - Masters

Max Kemeny - Masters