800 timetable

The 800 is currently running Topspin3.5 pl7
Phone number for the 800 lab is 91141205 (x41205)

Booking on the 800 can be made by emailing Ann or by phone (93513911 or 93514120). Please avoid telling Ann your NMR bookings when you see her on the corridors as she has a tendency to forget! Cycle runs Wednesday to Wednesday. If there are too many experiments to fit in a cycle, then the remaining ones have higher priorities in the next block.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 800 cryoprobe is running but the system is not stable and unsuitable for longer experiments

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Remember to use atmm and not atma if you have a salty sample (~>200 mM NaCl/sodium phosphate etc) or the tuning/matching will take forever and you may risk damaging the automatic tuning/matching module.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 (as of Sept 5, 2018): If you need to dispose of any empty chemical containers, please see instructions inside safety folder or see Ann

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: If you need to access LabArchive or any webpage that requires that latest Firefox/RedHat, we now have a workaround. Please see instructions on the inside front cover of the log book or ask Ann

Note: You will be billed for all booked hours, unless someone else can use your booked time or the cancellation is made at least 2 working days before your time commences.

Current block: Nov 6th - 13th, 2019
800 cryoprobe is running but waiting for new valve installation
Nov 11th: 9 am - 6 pm: Martin (Bruker) onsite

Coming block: Nov 13th - 20th, 2019

Wed Nov 13th: from 10 am: possibly available

Requests so far for coming blocks (booking times are tentative):
Wed Nov 20th: from 10 am: available

Previous block: Oct 30th - Nov 6th, 2019
Wed Oct 30th: 10 am - Nov 6th 10 am: awaiting visit by engineer