The East Coast Protein Meeting
Coffs Harbour, July 19th - July 21st, 2013


Keynote speakers

Prof Emily Parker is from the University of Canterbury, NZ. Prof Parker is an expert in the evolution and molecular details of enzymic catalysis with a particular focus on some highly important biosynthetic enzymes. She is an internationally recognized researcher which is reflected in her numerous contributions to the field of biological chemistry.
Dr Matthew Call is located at the WEHI in Victoria. Research in his laboratory is primarily focused on understanding how molecular encounters outside the cell are translated into intracellular biochemical signals that direct immune responses. Dr Call is an outstanding structural biologist with some great publications.
Prof Antoine van Oijen will soon be on sabbatical in Australia with Prof Nick Dixon at the University of Wollongong. His lab is at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen where he is studying biological processes at the single-molecule level (e.g., DNA replication, viral fusion and membrane transporters). He is a world-renowned expert and has contributed a vast number of papers in the field of single-molecule biophysics.

Detailed Scientific Programme

The detailed scientific programme will consist of one short session on Friday, as well as several on Saturday and Sunday. The conference will start on Friday from 5 pm and end on Sunday at 2 pm. A detailed version of the programme is available here.

Social Programme

The East Coast Protein Meeting also has a fairly relaxed social programme. We will have a welcome dinner on Friday night with drinks and the Conference Dinner (deluxe BBQ) is scheduled for Saturday night. Delegates can enjoy the facilities and have informal discussions after Saturday lunch or on Sunday afternoon after the meeting.


This event is a joint initiative of the Sydney Protein Group and the Queensland Protein Group, who are both special interest groups of the ASBMB.
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