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11 December 2018

Moul and Ward-Fear named as 'Superstars of STEM' for 2019

Science & Technology Australia has named Dr Caroline Moul and Dr Georgia Ward-Fear for its stereotype-busting program that is helping to change the public's views on women in science.
07 December 2018

University of Sydney researchers win big at Royal Society of NSW

Sydney scientists and researchers recognised with five of seven awards for 2018 by the Royal Society of NSW, Australia's oldest learned society.
05 December 2018

Geordie Williamson wins Australian mathematics highest honour

Fresh from launching the University of Sydney Mathematical Research Institute, Professor Geordie Williamson has been recognised by his peers at the Australian Mathematical Society annual meeting.
05 December 2018

What is the Tea Composition project?

You might be wondering why we care so much about soil. Soil is an essential, complex and highly valuable natural resource which we depend on to produce the vast majority of our food, fibre and economic sustainability.
05 December 2018

Soil Tech Project will put Australian science into farmers' hands

On World Soil Day, a consortium of agricultural technology companies with the University of Sydney's Institute for Agriculture, is launching a project to unlock our science for the use of Australia's farmers.
30 November 2018

What's the difference? Health and medical science degrees explained.

Health science? Medical science? If you’re not sure which of these undergraduate science degrees is right for you, we want to help you understand the opportunities they offer and what that means for your future.
28 November 2018

Why you should study science at Sydney

Studying science has never been more important and choosing where to do it can be a tough decision. Here's the top reasons why we think you should study a science degree at Sydney.
28 November 2018

Dedicated blockchain project arrives at the University

A new partnership with distributed ledger platform, Fantom will support the University of Sydney by providing scholarships and a specialised blockchain project focused on safe, secure, and low-energy programming toolchains.

23 November 2018

New scholarships for CubeSat research

The scholarships are linked to projects in the ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Their Applications (CUAVA).
21 November 2018

Farmers growing for good

National Agriculture Day motto is ‘Grow for good’, and we think that is worth celebrating. It is an opportunity to pause and consider all the good farmers do every day.