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16 April 2019

How we are improving food production

More and more people are becoming disconnected from food production. Our researchers recently attended the annual Camden Show to reconnect people with how their food is produced and show them how we are researching new ways to improve agricultural production.
16 April 2019

Portrait of Anne Green unveiled in School of Physics

The portrait, by Archibald Prize winning artist Yvette Coppersmith, will be displayed in the Physics Foundation Room.
11 April 2019

5 things you should know about slime mould

Jules Smith-Ferguson is a research student in our Experimental and Evolutionary Biology Lab, exploring the concept of minimal cognition by experimenting with slime mould.
10 April 2019

FameLab comes to NSW in one big night of science

FameLab is the world’s leading science communication competition to find and mentor young STEM researchers to share their stories with the world.
09 April 2019

Expert tips for healthy ageing

Ageing is inevitable, so why wouldn't you want to maximise your chances of ageing well? Four of our experts shared tips at our Sydney Science Forum that could help you live a long and healthy life.
01 April 2019

Curiosity matters

The Dean of Science, Professor Iain Young, outlines his hopes for the 2019 Budget.
28 March 2019

Show time for Camden campus

University of Sydney farms are essential in supporting teaching and research activities of Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
15 March 2019

Join the field school on palm oil and sustainability in Indonesia

Discover more about the complexities of working in development agriculture, with this field school in Indonesia held between semester 1 and 2 this year.
07 March 2019

Would you eat that?

You might think raw meat pet food is good for your dog. But a new study, published in Vet Record, has found it can have high levels of bacteria that may pose health risks for your pet.
01 March 2019

New molecule that relaxes blood vessels discovered

Chemical detective work by researchers at the Victor Chang Institute and the University of Sydney have uncovered a new molecule which controls relaxation of blood vessels during inflammation