Ms Adrianne Jenner

F07 - Carslaw Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone 9114 1262

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Teaching and supervision

Location:Carslaw 807



Current projects


Jenner, Adrianne, Adelle CF Coster, Peter Kim and Federico Frascoli. "Treating cancerous cells with viruses: insights from a minimal model for oncolytic virotherapy".Letters in Biomathematics

Jenner, Adrianne, C.O. Yun, A. Yoon, Adelle CF Coster, and Peter Kim. "Modelling combined virotherapy and immunotherapy: strengthening the antitumour immune response mediated by IL-12 and GM-CSF".Letters in Biomathematics.

Jenner, Adrianne, Adelle CF Coster, and Peter Kim. "Mathematical modelling of oncolytic virotherapy: The effects of a PEG-modified adenovirus conjugated with herceptin."The Australian Mathematical Society: 297.,

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