student profile: Mr Jared Wood


Thesis work

Thesis title: Examining the nucleation pathways of Nanorod assemblies through simulation

Supervisors: Toby HUDSON , Asaph WIDMER-COOPER

Thesis abstract:

Colloidal nanorods are a fascinating and useful material. Their small size and anisotropic shape give them unique optical, electronic and mechanical properties. However, making full use of these requires neatly assembling the rods into an ordered structure.
To assemble the rods from solution it is important to carefully tune conditions such as the concentration of additives and drying rate, otherwise the rods may fail to assemble or become frozen in an undesirable disordered state. Consequently, a good understanding of the mechanisms behind the nucleation and growth of assemblies, and what properties they depend on, is important in optimising assembly processes.
This thesis aims to characterise the pathways underlying the nucleation of ordered nanorod assemblies from polymer-containing solutions, using computational and statistical mechanics techniques including Monte Carlo simulation and umbrella sampling.

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