student profile: Mr Jason Cheng


Thesis work

Thesis title: A next-generation electronic portal imaging device for simultaneous imaging and dosimetry in radiotherapy

Supervisors: Zdenka KUNCIC , Philip VIAL

Thesis abstract:

Routine in vivo dosimetry is desirable so that radiotherapy delivery can be monitored in real time and necessary adaptations can be made. Because the non water-equivalent dose response of standard phosphor-based EPIDs complicates their routine use for such applications, our group has developed a novel EPID prototype that utilises an array of plastic scintillating fibres and exhibits a water-equivalent dose response. In this study, MC simulations of our novel EPID were used with physical measurements to characterise its imaging performance relative to that of a standard EPID. The model was also
used to optimise the novel EPID’s design to improve the imaging performance for a next-generation prototype. Furthermore, COMSOL modelling was used to explore innovative ways to enhance the optical output using nano-structures.

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