student profile: Mr Juan Or Jerry Lillo


Thesis work

Thesis title: RP-HPLC determination of several NSAIDs in Australian marsupials and CYP450 metabolism.

Supervisors: Merran GOVENDIR , Kong LI

Thesis abstract:

Many therapeutic drugs such as Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has been used routinely in Australian veterinary wildlife to treat injured marsupials to produce analgesia and reduce inflammation. Recent publications of one member of NSAIDs administrated to koala (�em�Phascolarctos cinereus�/em�) Meloxicam, have shown a peculiar pharmacokinetic profile, with a poor oral absorption and a rapid elimination as a result of a highly active hepatic biotransformation pathway required to oxidise monoterpenes present in the leaves �em�Eucalyptus spp. �/em�This unique metabolic characteristic in koalas, requires extend the study and investigate of pharmacokinetic data of others NSAIDs commonly used in veterinary field, such as Paracetamol, Carprofen and Tolfenamic acid in vitro and/or in vivo in koalas or in other marsupials. The research objectives are developing and validate a methodology to detect and quantify the concentrations of two or more NSAIDs thought the use of high-performance liquid chromatographic approach (HPLC) coupled to UV/Vis detection using a unit Photodiode Array (PDA), in order to observe and quantify the rate of NSAIDs depletion in vitro. The data obtained from koala and other species should give a valuable pharmacokinetic information for a use clinic and to be used compare the in-vitro metabolism profile of those NSAIDs between studied species.�br /�

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