student profile: Mr Mathew Varidel


Thesis work

Thesis title: Disk Rotation and Dispersion in SAMI Galaxies

Supervisors: Scott CROOM , Geraint LEWIS

Thesis abstract:

My research project is aimed at understanding the processes that drive and sustain turbulence within galaxies. A number of methods have been proposed for high gas turbulence within galaxies. These include mergers, unstable disc formation, cold-gas accretion, interaction between clumps of gas, or interactions between clumps and the inter-stellar medium. While it's likely that one or more of these processes play integral roles in driving gas turbulence within galaxies, a clear picture is still not well understood.

One of the reasons for our lack of understanding is that the Point-Spread Function acts to smear the light across the galaxy. This acts to blur the underlying emission line profiles together. One of the major goals of my research is to develop a method to correct for this effect. To do this, I have been developing a unique Bayesian method to model gas kinematics that can take into account complex flux and velocity dispersion profiles, while also taking into account the blurring effects.

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