student profile: Mr Richard Wang


Thesis work

Thesis title: Three Dimensional Fabrication of Vasculature with Tropoelastin

Supervisors: Suzanne MITHIEUX , Tony WEISS

Thesis abstract:

The need for an effective mass transport system in living tissues is exemplified by the presence of cardiovascular architecture observed in mammalian systems, particularly the human body. Whilst tissue engineering has made significant progress in simple synthetic tissues and cell islets, one of the main challenges is effectively fabricating a synthetic vascular system. There are two main reasons necessitating synthetic blood vessels; one is for the improvement of health in patients as well clinical efficacy of vascular grafts, and the other is synthetically fabricate a mass transport system to support the development of more complex biosynthetic tissues and/or organs. There have been different approaches in fabricating synthetic vessels, the main ones being biomaterial-based induction of vascular genesis, microfabrication of vasculature, and 3D printing of vasculature. Although these approaches have had various levels of success, they ultimately fall short of synthetically creating a holistic and functional vascular network. The issues that commonly overlap the aforementioned approaches include lack of spatial and temporal control of vascular genesis, selection of appropriate material for fabrication and implantation, and limitations on creating a three-dimensional interconnected vascular network. In light of these challenges, this dissertation serves to characterise a new approach of synthetic blood vessel fabrication that addresses the controlled fabrication of three dimensional interconnected blood vessels which interfaces favourably with the in vivo environment.

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