student profile: Mr Siddharth Ramanan


Thesis work

Thesis title: Inferior parietal lobe contributions to recollection and imagination in neurodegenerative dementias

Supervisors: Muireann IRISH , Olivier PIGUET

Thesis abstract:

My research examines contributions of the inferior parietal lobe (IPL) to remembering the past and imagining the future. This region has been neglected in memory research, yet my work in novel neurodegenerative lesion cohorts demonstrates the importance of this brain region in storing memories. Accordingly, I have proposed a novel theoretical model of IPL contributions to episodic memory, atemporal imagination, and future thinking. My findings extend the focus of memory research beyond the medial temporal lobes and clarify the convergence role of this brain region. Using novel behavioural and neuroimaging methods, my research outcomes place the IPL at the centre of memory research, leading to a revised and comprehensive model of human memory.

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