student profile: Ms Xiao Luo


Thesis work

Thesis title: Reformulation of Sweet-baked Products: to reduce added sugar intake on a population level

Supervisors: Timothy GILL , Anna RANGAN

Thesis abstract:

Excessive dietary free sugar intake is considered to be a negative health factor as it may increase the risk of many non-communicable diseases.WHO/FAO expert consolation has published a recommendation regarding dietary free sugar intake which indicated that A reduction in free sugar to less than 10% of total daily energy and could be further decreased to 5%. Based on the current data showing that most people consumed excessive free sugar far above recommendation, and a considerable amount sourced from discretionary foods. Sweet-baked products are popular worldwide and contribute a large portion of free sugar. Thus, reducing or replacing free sugar in this type of food may have positive effects on limiting free sugar intake and health outcomes.«br /» However, removing traditional sugar from sweet-baked products will incur many technical difficulties and therefore reformulating is closely related to product sensory and physiochemical characteristics. Both experimental and commercial sugar-reduced baked products are extensively reviewed and analysed, direct sugar reduction, polyol, non-nutritive sweeteners replacements are all covered in the review. Feasible reformulations are concluded, and failure responses are analysed.«br /» There are many gaps between theoretical food reformulation and improved health outcomes: technical difficulties, the acceptability of products, the perception of the consumer, the efficiency of reformulation and supports of food policies are all related to the success of food reformulation. More future works are required to build up the base of health-oriented food reformulation.

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