student profile: Mr Yunho Kim


Thesis work

Thesis title: Exploring Fundamental Physics With Gravitational Waves

Supervisors: Archil KOBAKHIDZE , Kevin VARVELL

Thesis abstract:

The recent breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO Collaboration has opened a whole new avenue for understanding of some of the most fundamental aspects of the universe. In particular, several well-motivated extensions of the Einstein General Relativity and standard cosmology may now become testable in the strong gravity regime through the measurements of gravitational waves at current and future facilities worldwide. However, while the gravitational wave signals and their sources are relatively well studied within the Einstein theory of gravitation, alternative theories remain less explored.

This Project aims to fill this gap by providing a significant theoretical input for interpreting the observations and opening unique opportunity for exploring new physical phenomena and theoretical ideas, such as alternative theories of gravity, exotic compact objects composed of dark matter and cosmological phase transitions in the early universe.

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