Mid-Infrared Laborators

Benjamin Eggleton, Tomonori Hu

The Mid-Infrared laboratory is home to a wide array of mid-IR tools including free-space optics, lasers, detectors, and electrical control systems. The current suite of lasers/detectors includes:

  • OPA system (Coherent Libra + TOPAS OPA), 100 fs pulses, wavelength tuning from 1-20 microns
  • High-power continuous-wave Holmium/Praseodymium fiber laser operating at 3 micron
  • Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) operating at 4 micron
  • Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) operating at 5 micron
  • Free-space spectrometer covering 1-20 micron (liquid nitrogen cooled InGaAs and MCT detectors)
  • Yokogawa OSA covering 1.2-2.4 micron
  • Spiricon beam profiler for mid-IR wavelengths