Photonic crystals

Martijn de Sterke, Ross McPhedran, Ben Eggleton

2D periodic optical structures


Photonic crystals rely on coherent scattering of light off large index contrast interfaces (usually material to air) to guide light. The periodicity and arrangement of these interfaces allows Bragg reflection in the media, confining light. The advantage of this form of confinement is that tight, narrow structures with very tight bends compared to total internal reflection as with conventional waveguides. This causes tight confinement of light, allowing for high energy densities - critical for non-linear interactions, as well as allowing for high quality factor cavities.

Materials of choice

Our photonic crystal research focuses on structures with a relatively low refractive index, such as chalcogenide glass (n = 2-3) and diamond (n~2.4). Most other photonic crystal work deals with high-index materials such as silicon (n~3.4)

Chalcogenide glass photonic crystals

Chalcogenide glasses combine a large optical nonlinearity with strong photosensitivity, making them ideal for studying nonlinear photonic effects. Chalcogenide glass photonic crystals are fabricated at the ANU by milling holes in chalcogenide glass films using a focused ion beam. We characterise these structures by measuring transmission and reflection versus incident angle and wavelength.

Diamond photonic crystals

Our diamond research is carried out in collaboration with the Technion in Israel and with the University of Melbourne. NV centers in diamond, a nitrogen defect, form an attractive candidate for use in quantum computing. Photonic crystals may create the required light/defect interactions for this application. We are thus modeling and optimizing photonic crystal cavities in order to obtain high quality resonanances need for this application.

Coupling into structures

We develop methods for coupling light into photonic crystal waveguides and cavities using micro and nano-tapered fibres. Using the resonances in these structures, corresponding to large build-ups of the field intensity, also allows interesting devices based on nonlinear optical phenomena.

Fluid infiltration

By infiltrating holes in a photonic crystal, the refractive index difference at the infiltrated holes can change, changing the band structure of the photonic crystal in the infiltrated region. This can be exploited to change the functionality of a photonic crystal - an example we investigate at CUDOS is fluid induced microcavities. By creating a cavity by fluid infiltration, one can avoid having to tailor the photonic crystal structure on the nanometre scale, but instead infiltrate on the micron scale - a much easier proposition. Fluid cavities also have the advantage of being reconfigurable - one photonic crystal sample can be reused many times and the properties of the cavity tailored to needs.

Modelling nanophotonic structures


We model nanophotonic structures using different methods varying from semianalytic approaches to fully numerical methods.

  • In collaboration with University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) we have developed a suite of methods for photonic crystal calculations in which a photonic crystal is "sliced up” in layers, each of which forms a diffraction grating. Using the well known properties of diffraction gratings we can then find the properties of the entire photonic crystal. This leads to an efficient method of calculation that also provides the physical insight needed to design novel devices, such as a “folded directional coupler” with very narrow resonances.
  • At the other end of the spectrum we use fully numerical methods such as a plane wave method or the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method, where, we write add-ons to powerful existing commercial software. Examples include a method to calculate efficiently the properties of superprisms, photonic crystal-based devices with dispersive powers that are orders of magnitude larger than of conventional prisms.


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