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2018 News

Linkage grant fosters new industry collaborations

05 Feb 2018

More than half a million was awarded in the first Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project outcomes for 2018 to Professor Benjamin Eggleton and his research group. The Sydney researchers will join forces with high profile industry partners on projects to strengthen defence.

Outstanding Early Career Professional Prize awarded to Amol Choudhary

10 Jan 2018

The Optical Society of America (OSA) has awarded the Ivan P. Kaminow Outstanding Early Career Professional Prize to Sydney University researcher Dr Amol Choudhary for his contributions to the field of optics and photonics.

2017 News

CUDOS PhD student honoured by the Royal Society of NSW

15 November 2017

The Royal Society of NSW has awarded the prestigious Jak Kelly Prize for excellence in postgraduate research to Moritz Merklein, PhD student at the University of Sydney CUDOS node, for his work on 'A chip integrated optical buffer based on hyper-sound waves'.

Postdoctoral Research Associate / Research Fellow - Integrated Nonlinear Microwave Photonics

03 November 2017

We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Associate (level A) or Research Fellow (level B) to join our program.

‘The best way to predict the future, is to create it’ - Scientists showcase latest photonics research and technologies at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase

23 October 2017

More than 200 attendees, including representatives from the wider scientific community, government, industry leaders and general public, came together at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase to explore the latest photonics research and technologies.
Making waves at the upcoming CUDOS Legacy Showcase

27 September 2017

Scientists are showcasing latest photonics research and technology at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase this Friday: Get a sneak peek into the future potential impact of photonics and the revolutionary light based technologies that will change our world and drive Australia's innovation economy.
Speed plus control in new computer chip: slowing down light to sound

20 September 2017

The speed of light is of great advantage when sending data over the internet, but it is a real challenge to master on a small chip. A new design offers a solution: convert the energy to sound. Read The Conversation article by CUDOS researchers Moritz Merklein, Dr Birgit Stiller and Professor Benjamin Eggleton.
World first: ‘Storing lightning inside thunder’ - CUDOS researchers are turning optical data into readable soundwaves

18 September 2017

Researchers from the University of Sydney CUDOS node have dramatically slowed digital information carried as light waves by transferring the data into sound waves in an integrated circuit, or microchip.
CUDOS postdeadline paper to be presented at Frontiers in Optics conference

13 September 2017

The postdeadline paper on ‘Brillouin-based Light Storage of 200ps-long Pulses for 70 Pulse Widths‘ by Kevin Jaksch, Moritz Merklein, Dr Birgit Stiller and the CUDOS teams at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University has been accepted for presentation at the Frontiers in Optics 2017.

The CUDOS Legacy Showcase

30 August 2017

CUDOS is in its final year of operation and we invite you to celebrate the Centre's many outstanding achievements at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase, highlighting our contribution to the building of an Australian photonics eco-system through our spin-offs, end-user collaborators, next generation talent, world class researchers, and ambitious young entrepreneurs.

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg receives University of Sydney Alumni Achievement Award

16 August 2017

CUDOS alumnus Dr Bjorn Sturmberg has been recognised with the 2017 University of Sydney's Faculty of Science Alumni Award for the Achievements of Young Alumni.

CUDOS PhD student awarded University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Prize

08 August 2017

CUDOS PhD candidate Moritz Merklein has been awarded the University of Sydney's Faculty of Science Postgraduate Research Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement, based on his exceptional manuscript 'Enhancing and inhibiting stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuits', published in Nature Communications.

From physics PhD to quiz master

07 August 2017

CUDOS alumnus Dr Caitlin Fisher completed a PhD in optical physics and now finds herself masterminding the University of Sydney's flagship National Science Week event, (Science + Quiz) = Comedy.

Three CUDOS postdeadline papers to be presented at CLEO Pacific Rim Conference

03 August 2017

Three CUDOS postdeadline papers have been accepted for presentation at the CLEO Pacific Rim Conference 2017 in Singapore.

Benjamin Eggleton recognised with Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Research

02 August 2017

CUDOS Director Professor Benjamin Eggleton has been announced as winner of the 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Outstanding Research.

Taking technology to the next level

26 July 2017

CUDOS researchers around PhD candidate Blair Morrsion and senior researcher Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya develop new platform making next-generation electronic devices more advanced.

Postdeadline Paper to be presented at CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2017

15 June 2017

CUDOS PhD candidate Moritz Merklein’s and Dr Birgit Stiller’s postdeadline paper ‘On-chip non-reciprocal light storage’ was accepted for presentation at the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017, held in Munich on 25-29 June 2017.

When science meets engineering

24 May 2017

Interdisciplinary research team develops technology and prototype for a tunable and configurable radio frequency photonic filter.

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg awarded Myer Innovation Fellowship

10 May 2017

CUDOS alumni Dr Bjorn Sturmberg has been awarded the 2017 Myer Innovation Fellowship for his social enterprise start-up SunTenants, which brings the solar revolution to Australia’s rental properties.

Bright Lights: the science of light at the nanoscale

28 Apr 2017

Professor Ben Eggleton and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo illuminated the science of light at the nanoscale with their dazzling Sydney Science Forum public lecture at the University of Sydney Westmead Campus.

Harnessing light at the nanoscale

18 Apr 2017

Professor Ben Eggleton and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo explain why light is leading us to the next scientific frontier.


Light at the start of the 21st century tunnel

13 Apr 2017

PhD student Atiyeh Zarifi from the Sydney Uni CUDOS node provides some insights into her photonics research and its application.

Improving the world one wavelength at a time

01 Feb 2017

Photonics is becoming more important in improving technologies, medicine and exploring the universe. The backbone of this research field is insights into the micro-structure of materials. CUDOS PhD student Atiyeh Zarifi explains.

Photonics breakthrough paving the way for improved wireless communication systems

31 Mar 2017

Researchers from the ARC Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) in the University of Sydney’s Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology have made a breakthrough achieving radio frequency signal control at sub-nanosecond time scales on a chip-scale optical device.

CUDOS Student Poster Award winners announced

21 Mar 2017

PhD student Blair Morrison wins Best Workshop Poster at CUDOS Annual Workshop.

Martijn de Sterke acknowledged for outstanding contributions to optics and photonics education

17 Feb 2017

Professor Martijn de Sterke, CUDOS Chief Investigator from the University of Sydney has been awarded the prestigious Esther Hoffman Beller Medal by the Optical Society (OSA).

CUDOS Director co-leads NSW Smart Sensing Network NSSN

10 Feb 2017

CUDOS is a partner in the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN), addressing real-world problems in NSW and beyond through sensing technologies.

Improving the world one wavelength at a time

01 Feb 2017

Photonics is becoming more important in improving technologies, medicine and exploring the universe. The backbone of this research field is insight into the micro-structure of materials. CUDOS PhD student Atiyeh Zarifi explains how photonics opens new possibilities to improve our daily life.

CUDOS invention solves key issue in photonics integration industry

31 Jan 2017

CUDOS joint PhD student Andri Mahendra and his colleagues in the School of Physics and School of Electrical and Information Engineering at The University of Sydney have developed an integrated circuits controller that enables complex photonic devices to be more robust to internal and external disturbances, addressing one of the key issues in the photonics integration industry.


2016 News

Prize recognition for CUDOS' outstanding Early Career Researcher

29 Nov 2016

In recognition of her research contribution to the field of optics, Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo has been awarded the highly competitive AOS Geoff Opat Early Career Researcher Prize in recognition of her research contribution to the field of optics.

CUDOS researcher awarded Harry Messel Research Fellowship

11 Nov 2016

Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo has been awarded the Professor Harry Messel Research Fellowship. The Fellowship includes funding for three years for an experimental project that Andrea presented called “Unleashing the power of a new solitary wave”.

CUDOS' USyd researchers awarded $1.79 million funding

04 Nov 2016


Dr Amol Choudhary, Dr Stefano Palomba and Professor Simon Fleming of the University of Sydney received federal government grants from the Australian Research Council in their recent funding round for 2017. All in all, CUDOS received nine grants, worth more than $4.1 million, were awarded for a diverse range of photonics projects.

Postdeadline paper to be presented at the OSA Frontiers in Optics conference

16 Oct 2016

CUDOS’ Dr Alvaro Casas-Bedoya and PhD candidate Blair Morrison’s postdeadline paper ‘Net Brillouin gain of 18.5 dB in a hybrid silicon chip’ has been accepted for presentation at the Frontiers in Optics conference in New York this week.

Postdeadline Paper at OSA Nonlinear Photonics Conference

02 Sep 2016

Congratulations to Dr Birgit Stiller and Moritz Merklein and the CUDOS teams at ANU and The University of Sydney for the postdeadline paper to be presented at the OSA Nonlinear Photonics Conference, held in Sydney in early September.

CUDOS student wins Best Poster Award at SPSAS Nanophotonics

17 Aug 2016

CUDOS postgraduate research student Moritz Merklein has won the Best Poster Presentation Award at the recent Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Nanophotonics and XV Jorge Andre Swieca School on Nonlinear and Quantum optics in Brasil.

CUDOS PhD candidate Moritz Merklein' wins student oral presentation competitition

19 July 2016

Shortly after being awarded a SPIE scholarship, Moritz has won the first prize at the student oral presentation competition of the 7th International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA) in Montreal.

International collaboration will dramatically improve Internet capacaity

11 July 2016

A collaboration between scientists in Sydney and Japan has resulted in a breakthrough that will lead to faster, more compact and cost-efficient telecommunications using advanced optical frequency comb technology.

CUDOS PhD candidate awarded SPIE scholarship

30 June 2016

Congratulations to Moritz Merklein who has been awarded a 2016 SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship.

CUDOS Director elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Science

23 May 2016

Congratulations to Professor Benjamin Eggleton who has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. The Academy’s total fellowship now includes 511 scientists.

Small and bright: what nanophotonics means for you

04 May 2016

Read Professor Ben Eggleton's The Conversation article about nanophotonics and CUDOS' work in this important field of research.

Australia-Israel collaboration achieves first nanophotonic topological system

21 Apr 2016

An international team of researchers from the Australian Research Centre of Excellence CUDOS (Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems) at the University of Sydney and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology have demonstrated the first topologically protected waveguiding in a silicon nanophotonic platform.

CUDOS researcher wins Sydney University Alumni Medal

20 Apr 2016

Congratulations to Dr Tomonori Hu for winning the Rita and John Cornforth Medal at last night’s Alumni Awards ceremony held in the Great Hall of the University.

Breaking of tiny light pulses observed in a nanophotonic chip for the first time

15 Apr 2016

The pulse splitting phenomenon, called soliton fission, could lead to novel rainbow light sources used in compact optical communications systems and lab-on-a-chip spectroscopic tools for portable medical diagnostics. 

Breakthrough technology to improve cyber security

21 Mar 2016

With enough computing effort most contemporary security systems will be broken. But a research team at the University of Sydney has made a major breakthrough in generating single photons (light particles), as carriers of quantum information in security systems.

The University of Sydney to open Sydney Nanoscience Hub

09 Mar 2016

CUDOS Director Benjamin Eggleton and CUDOS@USyd's research labs are on the front cover of today's Sydney Morning Herald.

Luxava takes out Commercialisation Prize

26 Feb 2016

Congratulations to David Marpaung and Shayan Shahnia on winning the 2016 Commercialisation Prize for their invention Natama, that will be available for purchase through Luxava Technologies.

CUDOS entrepreneur at INCUBATE

17 Feb 2016

CUDOS@USyd PhD graduate, Tomonori Hu is in the middle of an intense 14 week entrepreneur program run to accelerate his start-up business, Miriad Technology, commercialising an invention he developed while working on his doctorial research paper.
New class of light wave discovered and published in Nature Communications

29 Jan 2016

CUDOS physicists have made a remarkable discovery that opens up future applications in many areas such as in precision laser surgery, imaging devices, and ultrafast computing and communication technology. In their paper published in Nature Communications, the researchers lead by Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo, detail their discovery of an entirely new class of optical soliton called pure-quartic solitons.


2015 News

CUDOS Postdeadline Papers at ANZCOP in Adelaide

05 Dec 2015

Congratulations to CUDOS members Amol Choudhary, Elias Giacoumidis and Mike Smith and their teams for the following Postdeadline papers that were presented at the Australian and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics (ANZCOP) last week in Adelaide.
Echo-less light observed for first time

13 Oct 2015

CUDOS researchers have developed a method which will allow waves of light, sound or radio to travel through complex scattering objects yet have the entire wave arrive at once at its point of destination, echo-free.
CUDOS Postdeadline Paper at the Frontier in Optics Meeting in San Jose, USA

12 Oct 2015

Congratulations to Moritz Merklein and Birgit Stiller and their team for the Postdeadline paper on "Storing Light as Sound in a Photonic Integrated Circuit" that has been accepted for presentation at the Frontiers in Optics Meeting in San Jose, USA.
CUDOS Director appointed Editor-in-Chief of APL Photonics

14 Sep 2015

The American Institute of Physics will launch a new journal, APL Photonics in April 2016, with CUDOS Director, Professor Benjamin Eggleton recently announced as its first Editor-in-Chief. APL Photonics is an open access journal for high quality original research in the field of applied photonics.
CUDOS breakthrough publication in Optica

03 Sep 2015

CUDOS published a paper in Optica on "Midinfrared supercontinuum generation from 2 to 6 um in a silicon nanowire". The work represents a major advancement towards the design of inexpensive monitoring devices that can detect human disease and air pollution at very small levels. This work is also featured in a new story on the CUDOS website.
Dragonfly sets sights on distant planets

25 Aug 2015

A team from CUDOS, the Australian Astronomical Observatory and Sydney Institute for Astronomy successfully installed Dragonfly, a single hybridized photonic chip designed to take images of distant planets, at Australia’s largest telescope.
CUDOS paper on "microwave frequency measurement in a silicon chip" published in Optica 18 Aug 2015 CUDOS@USYD recently published a paper in Optica on "Low-error and broadband microwave frequency measurement in a silicon chip".
New partnership with Lugar Research

17 Aug 2015

CUDOS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific Partnership with Lugar Research Institute for Innovation and Technology.
CUDOS publishes in Optica

06 Aug 2015

CUDOS@USYD recently published a paper in the OSA high impact journal Optica on "Compact and reconfigurable silicon nitride time-bin entanglement circuit". This work is also featured in a news article on the CUDOS website.
VIVID 2015:Laser Harp

05 Aug 2015

As part of International Year of Light celebrations, the SPIE OSA Sydney University Student Chapter created a light and music installation, The Laser Harp, for VIVID’s ‘Light Walk’ on Sydney harbour foreshore.
Workshop on Brillion scattering 20-22 July 2015

23 Jul 2015

The Workshop on OptoMechanics and Brillion scattering: Fundamentals, Applications and Technologies (WOMBAT) brought together a dynamic group of dynamic speakers and international researchers in optoaccoustics, such as Professor Kerry Vahala from Caltech; Professor Gaurav Bahl, from the University of Illinoi at Urbana-Champaign; and NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane.

Two postdeadline papers at the NLO Hawaii

17 Jul 2015

Congratulations to CUDOS Members at the University of Sydney for two postdeadline papers accepted into the Nonlinear Optics Meeting in Hawaii.

CUDOS Technology at Laser World of Photonics

30 Jun 2015

Hundreds of visitors stopped at the CUDOS Technology booth during Munich's Laser World of Photonics to talk to inventors from our ANU, University of Sydney and Macquarie University research nodes.

Australian scientists launch commercial enterprise in Europe

20 Jun 2015

CUDOS Technology launches internationally at the world’s largest Optical and Photonics trade exhibition - Laser World of Photonics on 22-25 June in Munich with four new products currently being patented in the key markets of Australia, the USA, Europe and China.

Lessons on Optics from Nature

03 Jun 2015

A fascinating article, 'Biomimetics: Lessons on Optics from Nature's School' by CUDOS Chief Investigator, Professor Ross McPhedran and Andrew Parker from the Natural History Museum of London, appears in this months Physics Today.

CUDOS to exhibit at Laser World of Photonics 2015 in Munich

01 Jun 2015

Over four days, starting from Monday 22 June, CUDOS will be exhibiting our latest technology in Munich, Germany. The exhibit is part of Laser World of Photonics; the only trade fair that brings together all optical-technology sectors including research, technology and industry.
Student receives national award from the People's Republic of China

20 May 2015

Congratulations to Young Zhang, who received an award yesterday for Outstanding Self-Financed Overseas Chinese Student from the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney.
CUDOS students take out top science prizes at Sydney University

06 May 2015

CUDOS students dominate prizes awarded at the University of Sydney this week, with the news that two of its postgraduate research students have been recognized for their outstanding work in academia and citizenship.
New book / All-Optical Signal Processing Data Communication and Storage Applications

16 Apr 2015

A new book on "All-Optical Signal Processing Data Communication and Storage Applications" has just been published. The  book has been co-edited by Ben Eggleton and includes chapters from David Marpuang and Mike Steel.
Fundamental advance in nonlinear optics research published in Nature Communications

5 Mar 2015

A CUDOS paper has been published in Nature Communications on "Enhancing and inhibiting stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuits". This research is also featured in a news article on the School of Physics website. 
Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications Conference

15 Feb 2015

Call for papers for SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications 2015 conference will be held at the University of Sydney on 6-9 December 2015. (Flyer
CUDOS story in Optics and Photonics News

1 Feb 2015

CUDOS article on "Harnessing on-chip SBS" has been published in Optics and Photonics News
Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light

21 Jan 2015

Prof Ben Eggleton and Dr Darren Hudson are representing CUDOS at the Opening Ceremony of the International Year of Light, happening at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. 
CUDOS Publishes in the OSA high impact journal Optica

31 Jan 2015

CUDOS@USYD recently published a paper in Optica on "Low-power, chip-based stimulated Brillouin scattering microwave photonic filter with ultrahigh selectivity".

2014 News

OSA recognises CUDOS postdoctoral researcher as 2015 Outstanding Young Professional

9 Dec 2014

The Optical Society (OSA) has awarded CUDOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya as the 2015 Outstanding Young Professional.
Industry partnership supports Australian production of next-generation photonics

13 Nov 2014

The story about the development of an optical oscilloscope developed by CUDOS is featured on the school of physics website.
CUDOS Postdeadline at Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) Shanghai

7 Nov 2014

Congratulations to Simon LeFrancois and the CUDOS teams at ANU and Sydney for the Postdeadline paper to be presented at the ACP conference in Shanghai. This work is in collaboration with Alnair Labs in Japan and includes CUDOS graduate Dr Hong Nguyen as a co-author.
CUDOS@USYD success in ARC funding

5 Nov 2014

Congratulations to David Marpaung, Stefano Palomba, Martijn de Sterke, Mikhail Lapine and Ben Eggleton on ARC Succes.
CUDOS Publishes 2 papers in the OSA high impact journal Optica

10 Oct 2014

CUDOS@USYD publishes 2 papers in Optica on "Phase-locked, chip-based, cascaded stimulated Brillouin scattering" and "Controlling free-carrier temporal effects in silicon by dispersion engineering".
.Postdoctoral position available

10 Oct 2014

The CUDOS group at the University of Sydney is recruiting for the following position Postdoctoral Research Associate/ Research Fellow in Nonlinear Optical Phononics. Closing Date: 9 November 2014 (11.30pm Sydney time).
CUDOS post-deadline paper at ECOC Cannes

29 Sep 2014

Congratulations to Joel Carpenter, Benjamin Eggleton and Jochen Schroeder for the acceptance of their post-deadline submission to ECOC 2014 in Cannes, France.
Matthew Collins from CUDOS@USYD wins post grad award

15 Aug 2014

Matthew Collins recently won the Faculty award for postgraduate research in physics 2014.
CUDOS@USYD group contributes article to the Australian Institute of Physics magazine

1 Aug 2014

The CUDOS SBS group contributes an article to the Australian Institute of Physics magazine on "Driving acoustic waves optically on a chip".
CUDOS research featured on School of Physics website

24 Jun 2014

A story on recent research by Thomas Büttner, Dr Irina Kabakova and team from CUDOS@USYD is featured in the School of Physics news. The research demonstrates the generation of short optical pulses by exploited the interaction between light and sound waves.
CUDOS collaboration with Stanford report Photonic Aharonov-Bohm
effect in Nature Communications

31 Jan 2014

This breakthrough demonstration of the Photonic Aharonov-Bohm effect is also featured in a media release on the school of physics website.
Breakthrough demonstration of solitons in silicon photonic crystal chips reported in Nature Communications

16 Jan 2014

Congratulations to CUDOS@Usyd team for the Nature Communications publication: "Observation of soliton compression in silicon photonic crystals". The research has been conducted in collaboration with Partner Investigator Prof Thomas Krauss at St Andrews and York University.
CUDOS research featered in "Optics and Photonics News"

10 Jan 2014

Latest research by Joel Carpenter and colleagues from CUDOS@USYD on optical mode transfer matrix inversion featured in "Optics and Photonics News".
Registration open for CUDOS Integrated Photonics Workshop

7 Jan 2014

The CUDOS IPKISS integrated photonics workshop will combine an overview of the fabrication capabilities available in Australia with a hands-on session that aims to guide the attendees through the design and simulation of their own photonic chip.


2013 News

Review article published in "Advances in Optics and Photoics"

19 Dec 2013

A review article on "Inducing and harnessing stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuits" by Dr. Christopher Poulton, Dr. Ravi Pant and Prof. Benjamin Eggleton was recently published in "Advances in Optics and Photoics".
New CUDOS@Usyd and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology collaboration

6 Dec 2013

A new collaborative project between CUDOS at the University of Sydney and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology was launched by NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research, Jillian Skinner, at an official event at the University of Sydney yesterday.
Energy efficient nanophotonics: Engineered light-matter interaction in sub-wavelength structures

4 Dec 2013

The Special Issue in Optics Communications organized by Shanhui Fan (Stanford), Zongfu Yu (University of Wisconsin) and Chad Husko (CUDOS - University of Sydney) is now available online.
CUDOS Photonics Showcase

22 Nov 2013

CUDOS' Photonics Showcase held on Friday November 22, at the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, Sydney.
CUDOS@Sydney success in ARC funding

08 Nov 2013

Congratulations to the CUDOS members who were successful in the ARC Funding announced on November 8th, for funding commencing 2014. Including:
2 DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards),
2 Discovery Projects,
2 LEIF (Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) Grants.
CUDOS Breakthrough in Nature Communications

11 Oct 2013

Congratulations to CUDOS team for the Nature Communications publication: "Integrated spatial multiplexing of heralded single-photon sources". The research has been conducted in collaboration across CUDOS nodes at USYD and Macquarie with Partner Investigator Prof Thomas Krauss at St Andrews and York University and DSTO (Dr. Trung Vo).
CUDOS Postdeadlines at the FiO meeting on Orlando

02 Oct 2013

Congratulations on the 2 CUDOS@Sydney Postdeadline papers to be presented at the FiO meeting in Orlando. More information can be found in an article on the school of physics website
CUDOS Usyd welcomes new members

16 Aug 2013

CUDOS Usyd welcomes its newest members Dr. Alberto Peruzzo, Fernando Diaz, Mattia Pagani, Moritz Merklein and Haolan Zhao.
Highlighted CUDOS article in SPIE newsroom

6 Aug 2013

Highlighted CUDOS article on "Brillouin dynamic gratings in nanoscale nonlinear circuits" by Prof. Benjamin Eggleton and Dr. Ravi Pant is published in the SPIE newsroom.
Waveshaper Team - 2013 Eureka Finalist

2 Aug 2013

The Waveshaper team (the collaboration between the CUDOS group at Sydney and Finisar has been short listed for the Eureka prize for leadership and commercialisation.
CUDOS Postdeadline at Hawaii Nonlinear Optics Conference

29 Jul 2013

Congratulations to Joel Carpenter and the team for the Postdeadline paper at the Hawaii Nonlinear Optics Conference.
AIN building work launched by Senator Kim Carr

24 Jul 2013

Senator The Hon Kim Carr, federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and Minister for Higher Education, launches building work on the site for the new Australian Institute for Nanoscience at the University of Sydney and visits CUDOS labs.
CUDOS Postdeadline paper at OECC/CLEO-PR in Kyoto

4 Jul 2013

Congratulations to Young Zhang, Chad Husko, Jochen Schroeder, Simon Le Francois and our collaborators at St Andrews for the Postdeadline paper at OECC/CLEO-PR in Kyoto. The paper was presented by Young Zhang.
A CUDOS success story on the University of Sydney website: Optics innovation an industry success 

9 Apr 2013

An optics innovation by Dr. Jochen Schroeder from CUDOS at the University of Sydney has been a financial and technology transfer success story creating a wave of sales for Finisar, the Australian company that has used the new technology.
Congratulations to Jochen and the Monash team for the high profile CUDOS Postdeadline paper at OFC

22 Mar 2013

The paper has generated significant interest in the local media.
Professor Herbert Winful visits CUDOS at the University of Sydney

25 Jan 2013

CUDOS welcomes Professor Herbert Winful from the University of Michigan.
CUDOS mourns the loss of Dr. Peter Domachuk

3 Jan 2013

Dr. Peter Domachuk passed in the first days of January 2013 after a sudden illness. Peter was a valued member of the School and CUDOS and a great colleague and friend to many of us – he will be sorely missed.


2012 News

Professor Alan Willner visit and talks

9 Nov 2012

We recently welcomed a visit from Professor Alan Willner, from the Communication Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.
ARC Successes

5 Nov 2012

CUDOS congratulates a number of it's members for recent ARC funding.
Submit your research to the Special Issue on energy efficient nanophotonics

18 Sep 2012

We cordially invite you to submit your research to the Special Issue on "Energy efficient nanophotonics: engineered light-matter interaction in sub-wavelength structures."
The goal of this Special Issue is to elucidate the inherent energy advantages of nanoscale structures beyond those available at macroscopic scales. We invite you to contribute your expertise to shape this topic of scientific, commercial, political, and popular interest to a broader audience.
Further information at here.
ECOC postdeadline paper

18 Sep 2012

The Sydney University CUDOS group reports breakthrough in quantum processing at ECOC Postdeadline session in Amsterdam, demonstrating heralded single photon generation in an ultra-compact III-V semiconductor photonic crystal. They showed a record fidelity to a single photon state for a semiconductor waveguide device.
SBS Slow-Light Optical Circuits story in SPIE Newsroom

13 Aug 2012

CUDOS research features on the SPIE website this month, presenting our latest work on slow light using stimulated Brillouin scattering in optical circuits. Read the news story here.

Professor Eggleton Receives ARC Laureate Fellowship

30 July 2012

Great news for CUDOS! Professor Ben Eggleton will receive $2.91 million over five years to work on 'Nonlinear optical phononics: harnessing sound and light in nonlinear nanoscale circuits'. This project will open a new field of physics by building the first integration platform in which light and sound interact in nonlinear nanoscale circuits. More info here and here.

Trio of CUDOS results make an international splash

12 June 2012

A University of Sydney School of Physics team led by Prof. Benjamin Eggleton and Prof. Martijn de Sterke from CUDOS has been selected to present three prestigious post deadline papers at the Nonlinear Photonics international meeting organised by the Optical Society of America. More info here.

CUDOS Student Wins Best PhD Prize

30 May 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Trung Vo on being awarded the School of Physics Postgraduate Alumni Prize for best PhD thesis of 2011. He received his prize at the award ceremony on Friday 25th May in the School. Photo here.

CUDOS Student Wins SPIE Award

1 May 2012

CUDOS student Yvan Paquot has won the SPIE Europe award for best presentation at the recent SPIE Photonics Europe conference. Well done Yvan!

CUDOS story in Optics and Photonics News

15 March 2012

 CUDOS research was featured in Optics and Photonics News. The growing demand for broadband communications has inspired many approaches to increasing capacity. Recent work at CUDOS shows that combining linear and nonlinear optical signal processing can overcome some of the challenges faced by high-symbol-rate signals. More info here.

CUDOS director wins Walter Boas Medal

3 Feb 2012

Professor Ben Eggleton has won the 2011 Walter Boas Medal from the Australian Institute of Physics. Professor Eggleton will receive his medal at an awards ceremony in March 2012 in Melbourne. The Medal was established in 1984 to promote excellence in physics research and is awarded for physics research carried out in the five years prior to the date of the award, as demonstrated by both published papers and unpublished papers prepared for publication. Congratulations! More info here.


2011 News

CUDOS publishes invited paper in Laser & Photonics Review

8 Dec 2011

CUDOS researchers have just published an invited paper in Laser & Photonics Review, reviewing recent developments in photonic chip based optical processing devices with ultrahigh bandwidth. The paper can be found here.

CUDOS researchers grab the spotlight in Highlight Issue of OPN magazine

6 Dec 2011

team of CUDOS researchers have demonstrated the generation of over 1 octave of bandwidth with a world record low threshold power. The work, which was published earlier this year in Optics Letters, has been recognized as one of the Highlights in Optics for 2011 by the Optics and Photonics News magazine. More info here.

CUDOS student wins AIP award

30 Nov 2011

Alessandro Tuniz was the winner of the AIP Postgraduate Presentation for 2011, for his talk "Drawing the Invisible: Fibres for Hyperlenses and the Emperor's Clothes". Alessandro received the 2011 Crystal Postgraduate figurine, and a $500 cheque from the AIP. Congratulations! More info here.

CUDOS Chief Investigator Grant Success

20 Nov 2011

CUDOS Chief investigator Boris Kuhlmey and Dr. Alex Argyros were awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant of $494,587 over the next three years on the topic of "Drawn Metamaterials: Scalable nanofabrication for optical components of the future". Funding up to two research positions, this will boost the School of Physics' research into using fibre drawing techniques to mass- produce novel metamaterials enabling sub-wavelength waveguides, super-resolving lenses and even invisibility, from Terahertz to visible wavelengths.

CUDOS secures funding for single-photon detectors

18 Nov 2011

CUDOS Secures Major Equipment grant for Superconducting single-photon detectors, establishing a unique capability within the School of Physics for the measurement of single photons in the near infrared. More info here.

CUDOS recipient of ARC grants

16 Nov 2011

CUDOS was the recipient of two ARC Linkage Grants to develop optical wavelength and mode switching devices and novel deep-ultraviolet light sources. Congratulations also to our successful ARC Fellowship and Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) applicants, Mark Pelusi (Future Fellow), Chad Husko (DECRA), Chunle Xiong (DECRA) and Jochen Schroeder (DECRA). More details here, here, and here.

CUDOS Chief Investigator wins Tall Poppy award

4 Nov 2011

CUDOS chief investigator Boris Kuhlmey wins the NSW Tall Poppy Award, which recognizes and celebrates Australian intellectual and scientific excellence. Well done Boris! More news here and here.

CUDOS entrepeneurship seminar series

19 Oct 2011

Fortnightly lunchtime seminars are given by some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs in optics and photonics. For a full programme, click here

Dave Moss and Ben Eggleton win Eureka

7 Sep 2011

Associate Professor David Moss and Professor Ben Eggleton, have been awarded the Eureka Prize for Innovation in Computer Science and Leadership in Science, respectively. More details of their nominations here. The winners and finalists for each of the awards are here.

Prof. Eggleton on ABC's "Meet a Scientist"

2 Aug 2011

Professor Ben Eggleton makes an appearance on "Meet a Scientist", giving us a behind-the-scenes look at his achievements past and present. Read the article here.

OECC 2011 Postdeadline publication

4 Jul 2011

Mark Pelusi presents CUDOS Postdeadline result at OECC, "Compensation of fiber nonlinearity by an end-span pre-distortion and phase conjugation module". The abstract can be found here.

Prof. Ben Eggleton keynote presentation at Big Picture Science Dinner

10 May 11

Professor Ben Eggleton was the keynote speaker at the first Big Picture Science Dinner on 28 April 2011. More info here.

CUDOS presents postdeadline paper at CLEO 2011

05 May 11

A CUDOS Postdeadline submission was accepted at the CLEO-QELS conference, to be held in Baltimore in May 2011. "Correlated Photon-Pair Generation in an Ultra-Compact Silicon Photonic Crystal Waveguide" will be presented by Christelle Monat, and is a collaboration between CUDOS, The University of Bristol, The University of St Andrews and the Ecole Centrale Lyon.

CUDOS is launched
06 Apr 11


Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research launched the new CUDOS ARC Centre of Excellence at the University of Sydney. View the media release, the new CUDOS video, and photos from the day.

Prof. McPhedran elected to Australian Academy of Science
29 Mar 11

Prof. Ross McPhedran

Professor Ross McPhedran has been honoured by election to the Australian Academy of Science, in recognition of his distinguished research in microstructured optical fibres, diffraction gratings and photonic crystals. More info here.

2011 CUDOS Launch

2 Mar 11

The launch of the new CUDOS centre will take place on Wednesday 6 April 2011, 3pm - 6:30pm, MacLaurin Hall, The University of Sydney. View the invitation or go directly to RSVP. More info here.

Review article on Chalcogenide Photonics

28 Feb 11

The current issue of Nature Photonics contains a review article on chalcogenide photonics. By B.J. Eggleton, B. Luther-Davies and K. Richardson.

New Cudos Logo!

22 Feb 11

The new CUDOS logo was unveiled to wide acclaim at our 2011 workshop.

2010 News

Optics Express Special Issue on Chalcogenide Photonics

6 Dec 10


Professor Ben Eggleton was editor of the recent special issue of Optics Express on chalcogenide photonics. CUDOS is leading research in chalcogenide glass as a platform for next generation integrated all-optical signal processing chip architectures.

Cudos recipient of ARC Lief Grant

1 Dec 10

CUDOS was the recipient of a $400,000 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment, and Facilities Grant to expand to leading-edge 1.28Tb/s optical testing facilities for next generation optical fiber networks. More news here.

Cudos students present at Frontiers in Optics
10 Nov 10

Congratulations to Irina Kabakova and Stephen Dekker: their work was presented at the postdeadline session in the Frontiers in Optics meeting held in Rocherster. Well done! More info here.

Professor Eggleton presents in Kyoto

14 Oct 10

Professor Benjamin Eggleton was one of  10 young scientists from around the world chosen by the New York Academy of Sciences to present at the three-day forum in Kyoto in October 2010. More info here.

Alessandro Tuniz runner up at PECS '10
30 Sept 10

Congratulations to Alessandro Tuniz for second place on his oral presentation "Drawn Terahertz Metamaterials" at the  International Symposium on Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures (PECS) in Granada.

Moss and Eggleton discuss the NBN
16 Aug 10

Ben Eggleton and Dave Moss discuss the need for Australia to invest communications infrastructure - our connection to the information superhighway. They state that if the investment add ~1% to Australia's GDP, returning the cost of investment for fibre in the National Broadband Network (NBN) almost immediatly. Their call echos the that of Prof. Rod Tucker of the University of Melbourne, who states that "The idea that we could use very fast broadband based on mobile technologies and existing fibre defies the laws of physics". You can view Ben and Dave's article here.
CUDOS renewed in new ARC Centres of Excellence round The recent CUDOS application for renewal has been sucessful in the new ARC Centres of Excellence funding round, extending the centre until 2017.
Prof. McPhedran receives honourary doctorate
07 Jun 10

Prof. Ross McPhedran

Professor Ross McPhedran, a senior researcher with IPOS, has been awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa by The Universite Paul Cezanne. His award was presented during a ceremony in Aix en Provence, France, on June 7. Professor McPhedran has been actively collaborating with researchers from this Universite, and its sister institution, the Universite de Provence, since 1973.
CUDOS-DTU postdeadline Terabaud breakthrough at OFC
29 Mar 10
Work in collaboration between CUDOS and the Danish Technical University (DTU) by Trung Vo has been recently presented as a postdeadline paper at OFC in San Diego. This research uses a chalcogenide glass photonic chip to both optimise and de-multiplex an ultrahigh-bandwidth 1.28Tbaud signal, highlighting the advantages of using a photonic chip for ultrahigh speed optical communications. Well done Trung!

2009 News

Prof. Eggleton awarded Scopus "Young researcher of the year"
08 Mar 09

Prof. Eggleton is recognised for his research "remarkable in its productivity and impact, both academically and industrially." through the Scopus young researcher of the year in the physical sciences. The prize was presented at a ceremony at Parliament House and is awarded by Scopus, the key body providing academic performance data to the ARC. Congratulations Ben!
An article on this years prize was featured in The Australian.

Alessandro Tuniz awarded "Best Student Submission" to ACOFT '09
04 Dec 09
Congratulations to Alex for his work on "Design of an optical hyperlens with metallic nanocylinders", winning the best student submission to the Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT) 2009. Alex's work was judged against submissions from fellow student members of the Austraialn Optical Society (AOS).
Felix Lawrence wins AIP postgraduate award
27 Nov 09
Felix and his talk on impedance in photonic crystals take out the AIP NSW branch postgraduate award. Felix competed against a selected student from each university in NSW and the ACT, each contestant giving a talk on their work in front of a jury and judged on both the importance and quality of their work, as well as the quality of the presentation. Well done Felix!
Professor Eggleton elected fellow of the ATSE and IEEE
24 Nov 09
Congratulations to Prof. Ben Eggleton for his recent election as fellow to:
The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) recognizing his contribution to photonics in both an industrial and university setting.
The Insitiute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), for contributions to the development and applications of Bragg gratings and other periodic structures in optical fibers.
ARC grant sucess for CUDOS USyd
27 Oct 09
Congratulations to Ravi Pant & Ben Eggleton, Peter Domachuk, and Martijn de Sterke for their recent successfull applications for ARC grants. Ravi & Ben were awarded a grant for investigations in to stimulated Brillouin scattering and slow light, Peter for investigating silk for bio-optical devices and Martijn for an investigations into slow light.
More details here.
CUDOS research highlighted in ABCs Catalyst
7 Sep 09
The ABCs science show, Catalyst, features CUDOS research in "The Photonic Chip". Ben Eggleton, Barry Luther-Davies and Dave Moss talk about the importance of all-optical signal processing for future communication systems. See the segment online.
CUDOS presents 3 postdeadline results at OECC '09
17 Jul 09
Results on repetition and wavelength tunable lasers, efficient wavelength conversion of high-speed signals and high-resolution optical sampling have been preseted in the OECC '09 postdeadline session. The tunable laser concept is the work of new CUDOS postdoc Jochen Schroeder based on the Finisar waveshaper, funded through an ARC linkage grant. Both the wavelength conversion and optical sampling are achieved with chalcogenide planar waveguides from the ANU node.
Bragg gratings discretise transmission of light
28 Mar 09
CUDOS researchers have discovered that bragg gratings can break optical pulses into several pulses of light, through a phonomenon labeled "soliton mediated optical quatization". These results were reported in as a postdeadling paper at the recent PECS meeting in Sydney
Unprecedented visible light emission from silicon
23 Mar 09
Researchers at CUDOS produce green light from silicon - a material opaque to visible light. This is achieved in a photonic crystal waveguide, designed to provide slow-light enhanced nonlinear effects, through third harmonic generation. The new research opens up a new window of light generation within silicon, and has recently been published in Nature Photonics. Media release here.
Breakthrough photonic RF spectrum analyser demonstrated
16 Feb 09
CUDOS publishes a breakthrough new concept - a photonic RF spectrum analyser - in Nature Photonics. The device uses chalcogenide waveguide all-optical signal processing to provide an on-chip solution to monitoring signal quality at ultrahigh bit rates. Media release here.

2008 News

Green communications coming to a computer near you
23 Nov 08
The university gets excited about the work of Dave Moss at CUDOS on "Low-power continuous-wave nonlinear optics in doped silica glass integrated waveguide structures" recently published in Nature Photonics.
New Mid-IR source LIEF funding for CUDOS
18 Nov 08
CUDOS U.Syd. has had success with our LEIF grant application to establish a new $500k tunable Mir-IR pulsed laser facility and a new Optofluidics facitilty at RMIT with joint funding from the ARC, U.Syd, ANU and RMIT . The Mid IR facility will provide a powerful tool for non-telecom based photonics while the Optofluidics facility
CUDOS post-deadline paper at ECOC '08
29 Sep 08
Recent CUDOS work on "Slow light enhanced third-harmonic generation in silicon photonic crystal waveguides" has been accepted at this years European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Brussels. The research follows the discovery of emission of Third-harmonic green light from silicon, a material opaque to visible wavelengths.
Prof. Eggleton named NSW physicist-of-the-year
12 Sep 08

The state Office for Science and Medical Research has awarded Prof. Eggleton the scientist of the year award for physics and astronomy for the pioneering work of CUDOS under his directorship, as well as acknowledging work done while at Bell Labs. Well done Ben.

CUDOS on Channel 9's Sunday Program
27 Jul 08

Following the media attention surrounding the recent 640Gb/s demultiplexing postdeadline paper at this years ACOFT, Ch9's Sunday program runs a feature on "The Glass Switch", highlighting CUDOS work in developing faster telecom networks.
Veiw the feature here.

Breakthrough 640Gb/s demultiplexing result
10 Jul 08
CUDOS, with danish and chinese collaborators at DTU and Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, have shown four-wave-mixing-based demultiplexing in a chalcogenide waveguide from 640Gb/s to 10Gb/s. This has inspired interest in the popular press, from Fairfax to ABC radio as well as interest sites like
CUDOS students are winners at OECC/ACOFT
10 Jul 08
Congratulations to Hong Nguyen for winning the Optium prize for best student submission and Felix Lawrence for winning equal second prize for best student presentation at OECC/ACOFT
CUDOS students win two postgraduate awards
16 May 08
Congratulations to Cameron Smith and Paul Steinvurzel for winning two postgraduate research prize. Cameron was awarded the Australia-wide CSIRO "best student publication" prize and Paul awarded the U.Syd. School of physics prize for the best PhD thesis.
CUDOS contributes 14 papers at CLEO/QELS
21 Mar 08
Members of the CUDOS group at the University of Sydney have had 14 papers
for presentation at the Conference on Lasers and
Electro-optics/Quantum Electronics and Spectroscopy in San Jose in May.
Further details can be found at the CLEO 2008 website.
New CUODS position open
12 Mar 08

CUDOS seeks postdoc/research fellow for nonlinear optics in photonic nanowires.
Applications close 31 March 08
For more information on the position click here

U.Syd. photonics outreach to HSC
7 Mar 08

SUPER at U.Syd. in collaboration with CUDOS have released two video tutorials on optical fibre for HSC students.
"Introduction to optical fibres": Ben Eggleton descirbes optical fibres, fabrication and non-linearity.
"Optical fibres: guiding light": Ben describes waveguideing through total internal reflection
CUDOS researchers investigate harnessing optical rogue waves
5 Mar 08
CUDOS UoS in colaboration with researchers in Finland and France investigate the phonomenon of optical rogue waves, extreme redshifted solitons sometimes found through supercontiuum generation. Harnessing such powerful solitons would provide widely-tuneable soliton generation for non-linear optics and photonics.

Prof. Eggleton in Sydney's 100 most influential people
03 Feb 08

Ben Eggleton has been named in the SMH "Sydney" magazine as one of Sydney's 100 most influential people
CUDOS / Stanford GaAs PC post-tuneing breakthrough
03 Feb 08
CUDOS researchers in collaboration with Stanford University demonstrate local tuning of GaAs-based photonic crystal cavities using chalcogenide glass – an important advance towards quantum dot based single photon sources
CUDOS hosts Prof Asger Mortensen
30 Jan 08
CUDOS hosts Prof Asger Mortensen from DTU, Denmark. Prof Mortensen is well known for his contributions to Photonic Crystal Fiber research and more recently slow-light and optofluidics.
CUDOS article in OPN
04 Jan 08

CUDOS contributes an article to Optics and Photonics News:
"Chalcogenide Glass Photonic Chips, Signal processing for the next
generation of the Internet."
Steve J. Madden, Duk-Yong Choi, Michael R.E. Lamont, Vahid G. Ta’eed, Neil
J. Baker, Mark D. Pelusi, Barry Luther-Davies and Benjamin J. Eggleton

2007 News

CUDOS contributes News and Views article to Nature
13 Dec 07

Dong-Il Yeom and Ben Eggleton contribute "News and Views" article to Nature
on the topic of optical rogue waves.
From the abstract:
"How do the freak waves that haunt seafarers’ nightmares arise? We don’t
know, is the short answer — but the discovery of a similar phenomenon in
optical waves might assist in getting to the bottom of the mystery. "
Get the full article here.

CUDOS slow light research highlighted in OPN
02 Dec 07
CUDOS research on "Dispersionless and Tunable Slow Light" has been included in the OSA bulletin Optics and Photonics News, as a highlight representing some of the most exciting research to emerge in the preceding 12 months.
Prof Eggleton visits Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China
10 Nov 07
Prof Eggleton spends one week with Prof Limin Tong at one of China's top university, presenting seminars, meeting students and site seeing.
Breakthrough microfluidic photonic
crystal cavity result

08 Oct 07
CUDOS has demonstrated a postprocessed and reconfigurable photonic crystal double-heterostructure cavity via selective fluid infiltration. Initial results yield a cavity with measured quality factor Q=4300. Our defect-writing technique does not require nanometer-scale alterations in lattice geometry and may be undertaken at any time after photonic crystal waveguide fabrication.
Dr David Moss elected OSA fellow
24 Oct 07
Dave Moss has been recognized by the OSA for significant contributions to the theory
of semiconductor optical nonlinearities and quantum-well optoelectronics
and to experimental demonstrations of integrated optical signal
processing, as well as for developing commercial devices for optical
Breakthough result in all-optical switching
Sept 07
The CUDOS team has developed a low loss chalcogenide planar waveguide of only
50-mm length with ultra-high optical Kerr nonlinearity. This compact chip
enabled the first demonstration of high-performance time-division
demultiplexing of a 160-Gb/s signal into its tributary 10-Gb/s channels
via four-wave mixing (FWM) with copropagating pump pulses. For more
details contact Prof. Ben Eggleton.
CUDOS recieves new ARC research funds
03 Oct 07
Dr. Christian Grillet, Dr. Boris Kuhlmey and Prof. Ben Eggelton are successful in grants totaling $650k for research into senising using photonic bandgap fibre and investigations into the optical biomimetics of diatoms.
Prof. Eggleton named in Top 10 Australian scientists
28 Sep 07
Prof. Ben Eggletion has been named in COSMOS magazine's annual "Bright Sparks" awards as on of Australia's top 10 scientists under 40.
Photonics Spectra Chalcogenide Review
24 Sep 07
CUDOS contributes Chalcogenide review article to Photonics Spectra Magazine. This article serves as a good introduction to chalcogenide device technology for all-optical signal processing

Prof. Eggleton and
Dr. Walsh general chairs at OECC and ICO 08
23 Jul 07

Professor Ben Eggleton will serve as general chair of the Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC) in July 2008. Dr. Chris Walsh will also serve as general chair of the co-located International Congress on Optics (ICO).
New labs opened
31 May 07
CUDOS@USyd celebrated the opening of a new series of labs.
Upgrade of high capacity optical test bed
20 Apr 07
CUDOS will be conducting an upgrade of its existing 160 Gbit/s optical test bed – a key component of the high speed transmission lab. The upgrade will provide the needed infrastructure to test components, devices and transmission in real-world environment.

2006 News

Ben Eggleton awarded 2007 Pawsey Medal
18 Dec 06

Congratulations to CUDOS Director Benjamin Eggleton, who was awarded the prestigious Pawsey Medal for 2007.
AIP postgraduate winner
22 Nov 06
Vahid Ta'eed, PhD student at Sydney University was announced as the winner of the AIP postgraduate prize
CUDOS Flagship postgrad projects
15 Nov 06
Postgrad opportunities in a number of exciting Flagship projects at the forefront of modern photonics. Top-up scholarships available.
CUDOS/Anglo Australian Observatory collaborative postgrad projects
25 Oct 06
Postgrad opportunities in mid infrared (MIR) astrophotonics for development of novel, compact MIR spectrographs suitable for mass replication and incorporation into large telescopes. Top-up scholarships available.

CUDOS/NICTA collaborative postgrad projects
24 Oct 06

Postgrad opportunities in new nonlinear optical signal processing devices for next generation optical communications systems through new CUDOS/NICTA (National ICT Australia) collaborative. Top-up scholarships available.
NEWSFLASH: Slow gap solitons
24 Oct 06
CUDOS reports slowlight breakthrough in Nature Physics: Joe T. Mok, C. Martijn de Sterke, Ian C. M. Littler and Benjamin J. Eggleton, "Dispersionless slow light using gap solitons," Nature Physics, Published online: 22 October 2006; | doi:10.1038/nphys438
Music of the spheres
14 Aug 06
Light controlling light is all part of day's work for the researchers at CUDOS research centre in Sydney. Sometimes they even make it dance.
New Lecturer position advertised
27 July 06
The School of Physics invites applications for the newly created position of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in the field of Photonics or Optical Physics to take up appointment as soon as possible.
Slow light workshop
27 June 06
Recently held on Friday 16th June 2006 at the Coogee Bay Hotel. View program and access presentation files...

CUDOS Workshop 2006
26 Apr 06

The next CUDOS workshop will take place in Hervey Bay on 9th – 11th August 2006.
New Postdoc position advertised
20 Apr 06
We are seeking a candidate with a good understanding of the systems aspects of optical networks and the ability to develop and characterise systems-level approaches to dispersion compensation. This position will access new CUDOS facilites, including a 40Gb/s Bit Error Rate system and high-speed optical transmission equipment.

Optical devices enhance lab-on-a-chip systems
13 Mar 06

Microfluidics is a rapidly emerging field with researchers around the globe working on lab-on-a-chip systems for diverse and widespread applications.

2005 News

New Research Position Open
23 Dec 05

Applications are invited for two positions. Each of these can be filled either at Post Doctoral Fellow level (Level A) or at the level of Research Fellow (Level B). We require an experimentalist to investigate, characterise, and optimise supercontinuum generation in optical fibres with longitudinally varying parameters and a theorist to investigate, model, and optimise supercontinuum generation in these fibres.

CUDOS@USyd Research Programs
21 Nov 05
The Vision of CUDOS is to develop the experimental and theoretical expertise to design and build linear and nonlinear all-optical signal processing devices, and to miniaturize these, leading to a "photonic chip".
CUDOS@USyd success in ARC Grants
10 Nov 05
CUDOS@USyd researchers have been awarded a total of more than $3M for a variety of innovative new research projects commencing in 2006.
Newsflash: CUDOS announces breakthroughs
7 Nov 05

Researchers at CUDOS, the Sydney-based Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, announced their breakthrough today at an international optics conference - LEOS - in Sydney. They also announced a suite of other developments towards their ultimate goal – light-powered switching transistors and light-powered computers. Read the article in the Australian newspaper or see the original media press release.

Upcoming speakers
27 Oct 05
An impressive list of speakers for CUDOS seminars and School Colloquia over the next few weeks...
ACOFT/BGPP Conference Success
14 Jul 05
This joint meeting of conferences reflected the maturity, breadth, depth and longevity of photonics research in Australia...
New Position Available
14 Jul 05
We require an experimentalist to investigate nonlinear pulse propagation in optical fibres with a focus on demonstrating optical signal conditioning applications in high-speed optical communication systems...
Light Up Australia's Future
13 Apr 05

Bandwidth is like computer memory; you live with what you’ve got, but more is always better. Read the rest of the article...

LEOS 2005
LEOS 2005, to be held this 23 - 27 October in Sydney, Australia, is the 18th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (LEOS).
Optics in Australia

"Optics in Australia", a joint article by B. Eggleton and K. Baldwin on the outstanding contributions of the optical research community of Australia. Available online in the March edition of "OPN, Optics and Photonics News", the magazine of the Optical Society of America.

CUDOS Microfluidics Position

Applications are invited for a Research Associate position in microfluidic photonic systems.
Call for Papers
We invite you to submit an abstract for an oral presentation or a poster. Deadline is 29 April 05 with further details available from the workshop website.
New CUDOS Position
Applications are invited for a Research Associate position in High-speed nonlinear photonics

2004 News
Prof Eggleton receives funding from the Australia Research Council to explore fundamentals and applications of micofluidic photonics.
CUDOS@USYD was awarded a University of Sydney Equipment grant to develop an ultrahigh speed photonics system.
3rd CUDOS Workshop: Integrating Research
 Held at the Hawthorn Campus of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, the third CUDOS workshop was a resounding success.

Eggleton awarded Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year

On Tuesday evening, Professor Ben Eggleton was recognized with a major award at the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science in Canberra.
Dr Nelson visits CUDOS@USyd
Dr Brendan Nelson, Federal Minister for Science, Education and Training visits CUDOS laboratory in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.
CUDOS Topical Workshop: The Light Line and Beyond!

CUDOS researchers from all five nodes convene for a topical workshop: The Light Line and Beyond! The topical workshop was held off-campus at the Sydney Fish Market.

Bragg grating, Photosensitivity and Poling (BGPP)- OSA Topical Meeting

The Bragg grating, Photosensitivity and Poling (BGPP) - OSA Topical Meeting will be held in Sydney in Jul 2005, co-located with the ACOFT...
CUDOS Students Win AOS/ACOFT Student Prizes
Tom White was the co-winner of the Wanda Henry student prize at the ACOFT meeting, while Paul Steinvurzel was the winner of the AOS student prize for outstanding paper...
Located on the first floor of the School of Physics the Class 350 Clean Room allows CUDOS researchers to study nanophotonic devices. The follow article appeared in "The University of Sydney News" on 2 July 2004...
Photonic Crystals Conference, 2005
 We are pleased to announce that CUDOS is organizing a workshop entitled "Photonic Crystals: Fundamentals to Devices" for July 2005. Details to follow shortly on this site...
AOS Medal for Prof McPhedran
We have great pleasure in advising that Prof. Ross McPhedran has been awarded the Australian Optical Society Medal. Prof. McPhedran is the fifth person to be awarded the medal since the first award in 1995...
Post-deadline paper:
Nonlinear GUided Waves and Their Applications

"Towards long lengths of silica fiber with permanent second order nonlinearities" Kenneth Lee, Peifang Hu, Justin L. Blows. Over 200m of low loss optical fiber was manufactured with an internal wire electrode. A 0.9 m section of the fiber was thermally poled, inducing a permanent second order nonlinearity of 0.0125 pm/V.
Optics Express Special Issue: Photonic crystals and Holey fibers...
Prof Eggleton and Dr Yuri Vlasov, from IBM Labs are guest editors for a special issue in Optics Express in the topic of Photonic crystals and Holey fibres...
POPLUS Facilities updated...
The Photonic and Optical Physics Laboratory at the University of Sydney (POPLUS) section of the CUDOS@USyd section of this site has been updated to provide a more detailed view of the laboratores, facilities and key tools that are available for our researchers...
CUDOS MOF Utilities
The CUDOS MOF Utilities are a software package for simulating microstructured optical fibres (or MOFs, also known as photonic crystal fibres or holey fibres) using the multipole method. The software has been designed to be easy to use and can be downloaded without charge from this webpage...


The CUDOS video gives an overview of the driving concepts and major research activities at the five nodes of CUDOS. The video is in the Windows Media Audio/Video format: 10MB / 3.1MB. You can also right click and save the file to your hard disk for later viewing. You will need a player to view this video...
Photonics Microfabrication Network Report
 To enhance and advance photonics research in Australia by providing support for communication, collaboration and optimum use of resources. View this ARC Network report online...
Canadians join CUDOS@USYD
Dr. David Moss, Dr. Peter Krug and Yannick Lize have joined CUDOS@USYD. Dr Moss will play a key role in CUDOS's planar technology efforts, while Dr Krug has been hired to work on an ARC Network proposal. Yannick Lize is a visiting student who will be working on fibre tapers...

2003 News

Advancing Research Workshop

Held at the Australian National University in Canberra, the second CUDOS workshop was a resounding success with over 70 academics and students participating...

POPLUS Open day

An open day was held to allow students, school staff and academics to visit the Photonic and Optical Physics Laboratory at the University of Sydney (POPLUS). Following a 10 minute movie on the research conducted at CUDOS@USYD, visitors were taken for an escorted tour of the laboratories. Researchers presented their work and demonstrated their results...

Slusher visits CUDOS

Dr Richart Slusher, employed at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, is visiting CUDOS for 4 weeks, with the majority of the visit at the University of Sydney node of CUDOS. The visit has allowed a number of students to collaborate with Dr Slusher, gaining from his broad range of optics expertise...

CUDOS presents postdeadline paper at LEOS
29 Oct 2003

This paper represented a strong collaboration between the CUDOS group at the University of Sydney, the CUDOS group at Swinburne University of Technology and OFS Laboratories and benefited from the good links with RSoft Design Group, Inc. The paper entitled: "Lateral thinking with photonic crystal fibres" describes an entirely novel use of optical fibres. Rather than using the optical fibre as a light-pipe to transmit information, this paper describes a Tall-Microchip architecture in which the fibre is probed transversely. In the experiment a photonic crystal optical fibre comprising equally space air-holes was probed and modeled using finite-time difference technique. Highlights of this paper include: measurement of a fundamental bandgap in a photonic crystal fibre using FTIR, and the first demonstration of a microfluidic tunable photonic bandgap device. Researchers at CUDOS expect this demonstration will open possibilities for new microphotonic devices...

ARC success

CUDOS@USYD successful ARC LIEF grant to develop a Raman Photonic Device Facility. This represents a new opportunity for Australia to become a leader in the rapidly advancing field of Raman interactions in photonic devices covering both real world applications and fundamental physical research. This facility was funded as part of a collaboration between CUDOS research at the University of Sydney, Macquaire University and the Australian National University and a group of researchers at the Optical Fibre Technology Centre at the University of Sydney...

Research Scientist visits from OFS Laboratories

Dr Misha Sumetsky, optical physicist currently working at OFS Laboratories in Murray Hill NJ spent two weeks working with the CUDOS team at the University of Sydney. The CUDOS/OFS research collaboration centers around new ideas in photonic crystal materials and microcavities. CUDOS has established good links with international collaborators...
Photonic chip
The vision of CUDOS is to develop the experimental and theoretical expertise to design and build linear and nonlinear all-optical signal processing devices, and to miniaturize these, leading to a "photonic chip"...

Inaugural workshop: Setting the directions

The first workshop in a series of many workshops was held recently on the 22-23 of May. The workshop was an exciting and stimulating event, allowing researchers to interact and focus on the centre's research goals. The workshop was a useful opportunity for many to begin partnerships and collaborations and for others to continue to build on long standing relationships...

Nature: Fibres tune in with fluid plug

Nature, 13 March 2003 - "A tuneable filter has been introduced into an optical fibre by filling hollow channels in the fibre with moveable plugs of liquid. The filter acts as a barrier to infrared radiation within a narrow wavelength band as it passes down the fibre..."
LEOS topical meeting

Topical meeting on "Holey fibers and Photonic crystals" This symposium deals with micro-structured optical fiber and photonic bandgap materials and considers their potential for enabling photonic device applications and integration...
Photonic crystals course
Professor Ben Eggleton presents 4 hour short course at CLEO in Baltimore on Photonic crystals: Fibres and Devices, register NOW!...

New Book

NEW BOOK: Nonlinear Photonic Crystals, by R. E. Slusher (Editor), B. J. Eggleton (Editor), Qing-Guo J. Wang - "Nonlinear optical studies of periodic dielectric structures have blossomed in the past two decades. New fabrication techniques are producing fiber grating and multidimensional photonic crystals in materials where the refractive index can be varied by light pulses and beams. Gap solitons that can propagate at any velocity from zero to the speed of light and spatial solitons that prevent the diffractive spread of light in waveguide arrays are two examples of the new phenomena described in this book..."
CUDOS launch

Its official! CUDOS, the ARC Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, was launched. Over 80 attendees from all the CUDOS partner nodes, collaborating institutions and Australian photonic groups came to hear speakers Dr. Mike Sargent AM, Professor and Vice-Chancellor of Sydney University Gavin Brown, Dr Simon Poole and CUDOS Director, Prof. Ben Eggleton...

New lab space

CUDOS@USyd has now almost completed the task of renovating its new laboratory space, the Photonic and Optical Physics Laboratory at the University of Sydney (POPLUS). The students and researchers within CUDOS have already begun their experiments in the light and spacious rooms, which are located on the ground floor of the historical Physics building, on the Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney...

Prospective students
This brochure is meant for prospective postgraduate and honours students. It provides a brief overview of the Centre’s work and introduces the key research staff...