Dr Chris Walsh

Dr Chris Walsh


B.Sc. (Hons), University of Sydney, 1974; Ph.D. (Physics), University of Sydney, 1979

Current appointment
External Relations, CUDOS

Employment History
Process Development Manager, JDS Uniphase Sydney (2000 – 2002;) Leader, Optics and Surface Science Discipline, CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Physics (1996 – 2000); Program Manager, Optical Technology, CSIRO Division of Applied Physics (1988 – 1996); Group Leader, Length Standards, CSIRO (1986 - 1988); Research Scientist, CSIRO (1884 – 1986); Research Associate, National Research Council Canada (1981- 84); Post Doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia (1979-80). From 1994-2000, classified as CSIRO Senior Principal Research Scientist.

Major Awards
Senior Fulbright Scholar 1997 (one of two awards over all disciplines in Australia each year); CSIRO Medal 1999 (member of RTA Road Crack development team)

Professional Association
Chair, AIP Bragg Medal and AIP Walsh Medal (2002); Councillor, Australian Optical Society. In previous years, President of Australian Optical Society and Chair, NSW branch of Australian Institute of Physics

Chris Walsh has over twenty years’ experience in research and research management in academic, government laboratory and industrial environments. After completing his PhD in plasma physics, Walsh worked for five years in Canada on the physics of high power laser interactions with plasmas. Phenomena studied included the nonlinear coupling of high power laser light to electron and ion waves (Raman and Brillouin scattering) with direct measurements of these plasma waves being made by Thomson scattering. At CSIRO he first worked in laser metrology, where he developed frequency stabilized carbon dioxide lasers based on novel waveguide designs and used these to build an absolute distance interferometer. He was appointed Manager of the Optical Technology Program in 1988, a team of about fifty people covering optical fabrication and thin films, optical metrology and length and radiometry standards. As Manager, Walsh’s responsibilities covered budget planning and management, business development, strategic planning and HR issues including hiring, firing and staff promotions. He also retained a research interest through work on optical surface metrology and the leadership of the project to fabricate and test large optics for the LIGO gravitational wave interferometer at Caltech. Walsh has direct expertise in photonics R&D and manufacturing through two years working with JDS Uniphase as the R&D Process Development Manager. In this position he was responsible for a range of areas including fibre Bragg grating product reliability, FBG packaging, grating writing development and fibre evaluation.