Our Research

Stimulated Brillouin scattering in a photonic chip

On-chip light-sound interaction for next-generation optical devices

Quantum integrated photonics

Developing a flexible integrated platform for the generation and processing of quantum states through nonlinear optical devices



All optical and non-linear signal processing

Using nonlinear optics to perform all-optical signal processing 


Microstructured and tapered fibre devices

Photonic crystal structures in low (chalcogenide glass & diamond) and high (Si) index materials



Mid-Infrared Photonics

Developing novel mid-IR sources on a compact chip-scale platform



The marriage of two new fields of science: Micro-Photonics + Micro-Fluidics



Supercontinuum generation

Broadband coherent light is generated by short laser pulses and nonlinear effects in a material.

Optical waveguide gratings and slow light

Interfering light in photosensitive materials to create resonant and slow light structures