CUDOS MOF Utilities

The CUDOS MOF Utilities are a software package for simulating microstructured optical fibres (or MOFs, also known as photonic crystal fibres or holey fibres) using the multipole method, in a Microsoft Windows environment. The software has been designed to be easy to use and can be downloaded without charge from this webpage. Usage of the CUDOS MOF Utilities is restricted to non-commercial research and teaching purposes, as detailed in the user-licence.

The package comprises two executables, fibre.exe and winfield.exe. The first is a console based application for finding MOF modes and computing their dispersion curves, using simple macro-language based parameter files. The second is a window based software for computing and visualising modal fields and derived quantities once the modes have been found with fibre.exe.

You can find out more about the CUDOS MOF Utilities by reading the FAQ, looking up the references, or by downloading the User's Guide (pdf file, ~1.4MB) Note that this file is also included in the CUDOS MOF Utilities package.

Installing and uninstalling CUDOS MOF Utilities

Before you download the CUDOS MOF Utilities, please make sure you read the user-licence.

To install the CUDOS MOF Utilities, download (3.1MB), then unzip the file to a temporary folder, and double click Install.exe. This will install the CUDOS MOF Utilities in a "fibre'' subfolder of your "program files'' folder, add a "My CUDOS MOF Files'' folder in "My Documents'', add links into the start menu and associate the Fourier Bessel Coefficient Files with the Winfield software.

The "My CUDOS MOF Files'' folder will contain a file containing several commented examples of parameter files you may want to have a look at to get an idea of the structure and keywords of parameter files.

To uninstall the software package, simply run the uninstall link in the CUDOS MOF Utilities folder of the Start menu, or alternatively use the windows Add/Remove Software tool in the control panel.

Software and Hardware requirements

The CUDOS MOF Utilities will run under Windows XP/2000. Most features will work with Windows Me/NT4.0/98, but we haven't tested what will work and what won't. A computer based on a Pentium III or higher with at least 128Mb RAM is recommended. The installation will take about 6Mb on your hard drive, but a single MOF simulation can in some cases produce several tens of megabytes, so you should have at least a few hundred megabytes available on your hard drive.

Further, you will need a recent version of Adobe Reader to read the documentation.