Applied and Plasma Physics

The Applied and Plasma Physics research group undertakes research into exciting new areas of physics that have practical 'real world' applications in industry, medicine and the environment. The research group currently has major projects underway in the areas of:

The Applied and Plasma Physics group has a number of high quality analysis methods available in our labs for the creation and characterization of thin film materials. Access to these methods and personnel highly skilled in their interpretation is open to outside users on a fee for service basis.

The Applied and Plasma Physics research group is a participant in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre for Excellence in Quantum Computer Technology (CQCT), and receives substantial funding support through ARC Discovery and Linkage Projects, Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Projects and Linkage International. The Applied and Plasma research group is made up of about 15 post-doctoral fellows and a similar number of research students who undertake both experimental and computational research. The research group is lead by Professor Marcela Bilek an ARC Federation Fellow and Professor David McKenzie, an ARC Professorial Fellow.

Honours, Masters and PhD projects are available in all of these areas of research. For information on scholarships please visit the following pages:
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For additional information about particular projects and to register interest in these projects, visit Research Supervisor Connect.