Analytical Services

The Applied and Plasma Research Group is equipped with sophisticated analytical and experimental equipment. These resources, as well as technical services based on them are available to colleagues at The University of Sydney and other industrial and commercial research organisations. Typically a usage fee covering the cost of operating the equipment, supervision and training, as required, and consumables will be charged. The fee may be waived by the Head of the Research Group if it is considered that there is mutual benefit to be gained by the use of the equipment by researchers outside the Applied and Plasma Research Group. Interested researchers should contact the nominated academic staff member for advice about the availability and applicability of the equipment for the proposed experiment.
When emailing the nominated staff member please provide the following information:

* Your contact details / research group / school or details of your organisation

* Your research and why you want to have access to the equipment

* An estimate of usage time required

* Your expertise in using the equipment

The following analysis equipment is available:

Please contact for quotes and further information.