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APP is a diverse research group including physicists, chemists and graduates from biosciences. We work in integrated project teams to develop new materials and technologies to address current and emerging problems. Our research culture values and integrates input from all and provides a supportive environment promoting open communication. Typically the team members share their latest results in fortnightly project team meetings. The data and any problems encountered are discussed drawing in the knowledge of the entire team. Issues are addressed collectively and communication skills are honed in a collegial environment.

The activity in our group attracts many international visitors, including senior academics, exchange students and early career researchers. Visitors typically stay for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months and join the teams closest to their interests and expertise for the duration of their stay.

Recent visitors have included early career researchers, Mr Christopher MacDonald, Drs Barbara Abendroth, Martina Lattemann and Gintautas Abrasonis (funded through Fulbright, Humboldt, ARC Linkage and Endeavour Fellowships respectively).

Recent senior academic visitors include Professor Wolfhard Moeller, Professor Hynek Biederman and Professor Hirokoge Yasuda.

For further information on arranging academic exchanges and joining the group please contact Professors or .

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Absent: Phil Dennis, Oliver Warschkow, Brian James, Rod Cross, Richard Tarrant, Ferg Brand