Applied and Plasma Research Seminars

Upcoming seminar

The next Applied and Plasma Research Seminar will be on TUESDAY 4th of May 2010 in LECTURE THEATRE 1

Speaker: Mr Patrick Neumann
Title:Cathodic Arc Spacecraft Thruster Fuel Selection
Time & Place: 1-2pm, Tuesday 4th May 2010, Lecture Theatre 1, School of Physics A28

Date Speaker Title
4th May 2010 1-2pm Mr Patrick Neumann Cathodic Arc Spacecraft Thruster Fuel Selection
20th April 2010 1-2pm Dr Michael Biercuk Quantum coherence and nanometer-scale motional excitations in strongly correlated ion plasmas
13th April 2010 1-2pm Dr Josef Uher Medipix semiconductor pixel detectors: their properties and applications
6th April 2010 1-2pm Dr Ian Falconer Fusion: our energy future
30th March 2010 1-2pm Dr Mihail Ionescu Ion Beam Modification and Characterization of Surfaces
23rd March 2010 1-2pm Dr Tom Oates Cutting-edge Ellipsometry: In situ, anisotropy and metamaterials
16th March 2010 1-2pm Dr Peter Ireland Contact charging and triboelectric separation
9th March 2010 1-2pm Prof. Hirotsugu K. Yasuda An alternative explanation for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis
2nd March 2010 1-2pm Mr Mathew Lyle Coverage and Charge-State Dependent Adsorption of Carbon Monoxide on the Zinc Oxide (0001) Surface
23rd February 2010 1-2pm Dr Osman U. Sezerman Computational Methods for Protein Folding and Design Problems
16th February 2010 1-2pm Dr Alexey Kondyurin Free Radicals in Polymer Materials
9th February 2010 1-2pm Prof.'s M. Bilek & D. McKenzie A Scheme for the Universal Covalent Binding of Proteins to Surfaces
2nd February 2010 1-2pm Prof. Hirotsugu K. Yasuda Plasma Polymerized Nano-film for Membrane Processes
19th January 2010 1-2pm Mr Vicente Araullo-Peters Electron Tomography of Fulleren structures
24th November 2009 1-2pm Ms Marie Vozzo and Dr Cenk Kocer How to make a better microarray and From pillar to post; a story of evacuated window strength.
17th November 2009 1-2pm Ms Stacey Hirsh Cellulase Immobilization: Replicating Nature on a Surface.
10th November 2009 1-2pm Mr Daniel Simon Characterising and optimising the ionisation and deposition rate in HIPIMS for shaped input pulses.
3rd November 2009 1-2pm Mr T. van der Laan HiPIMS vs Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering vs Pulsed Cathodic Arc Deposition.
8th October 2009 1-2pm A/Prof Brian James Workshop on preparing and presenting memorable research presentations.
29th September 2009 1-2pm Dr Lai So (Cat) Analysis of the internal glass surfaces of vacuum glazing
8th September 2009 1-2pm Paddy Neumann A Heavy Metal Rocket: The use of a pulsed cathodic arc as a spacecraft thruster
8th September 2009 1-2pm Mr Matthew Guenette You don’t need seeds to grow MAX phases
25th August 2009 1-2pm Mr Matthew Baker, Oxford Molecular Motors Group, Dept of Physics, Oxford University, UK Temperature control of the bacterial flagellar motor - a nanoscale rotary electric device
18th August 2009 1-2pm Professor David McKenzie and Ms Lucy Cartwright Linear-quadratic model for the interaction of radiation with cells
11th August 2009 1-2pm Dr Oliver Warschkow Raising a Molecular Flagpole on the Silicon Surface
3rd August 2009 12 - 1pm Dr Akin Budi, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria Light Metal Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage
28th July 2009 1 - 2pm Mr. Benjamin W. McMillen, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Pittsburgh Optical Device Fabrication and Characterization
21st July 2009 1 - 2pm Professor Simon Fleming, Deputy Director of IPOS Poling Silica and Silica Fibre
14th July 2009 1 - 2pm Andrew Allen Inertial Electrostatic Fusion, Electrostatic and Confinement Time Considerations
7th July 2009 1 - 2pm Mr Sebastian Schneider Physics & Me in Sydney: the shorter story of Sebastian Schneider
30 June 2009 1 - 2pm Mark Tucker and Myles Cover School of Physics – Applied and Plasma Physics Oxygen incorporation in MAX phase materials: theoretical and experimental investigations
16 June 2009 1 - 2pm David McKenzie School of Physics – Applied and Plasma Physics Ellipsometry to investigate attachment from flowing solutions
9 June 2009 1 - 2pm John Kipritidis School of Physics – Applied and Plasma Physics Doppler spectroscopy: Casting light on IEC
2 June 2009 1 - 2pm Dr Dan Bax School of Physics – Applied and Plasma Physics Linker-free covalent attachment of extracellular matrix proteins to polymer surfaces for directed cell binding
27 May 2009 1 - 2pm Ms Tara Schiller Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland Interactions of Synthetic Clays and Titania with Biological Systems
14 May 2009 1 - 2pm Dr Lisbeth Grondahl School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland Surface Modification of Biomaterials