Brain Dynamics

The Brain Dynamics group is an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in physics, engineering, mathematics, IT, psychology, physiology, medicine, and other areas. Its aim is to understand the connections between physiology and stimuli, on one hand, and resulting brain activity and experimental data, on the other.

To achieve these aims, we develop and apply physiologically-based models of brain activity, and subsequent measurement processes (see links below). The work currently focuses particularly on the brainstem-thalamus-cortex system, and on electrophysiological and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measurements. We also develop and implement nonlinear and wavelet-based signal analysis techniques.

Successful applications have been made to a wide range of data to test and verify the theoretical work. We have also established that our techniques enable underlying physiological parameters to be inferred from the data via inverse modeling. This has been the basis for commercial interactions to develop tools for improved analysis of brain function data. A range of laboratory and preclinical applications are also under way (see links below).

The group works closely with a range of collaborators, both inside and outside the University of Sydney. In particular, we have close links to the brain databasing efforts at the Brain Dynamics Center of Westmead Hospital (of which we are a node) and the Brain Resource Company (which was spun off in 2001, partly incorporating inputs by us).

This group is part of the COE center for integrative brain function CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity.

The group was established in 1996 and now directly involves over 20 Fellows, PhD and Honors students, Honorary Associates, and others.

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