Quantum Science Research Group

Quantum PIs

Primary Investigators in Quantum Science: David Reilly, Steven Flammia, Andrew Doherty, Stephen Bartlett, Michael Biercuk

The new field of quantum science aims to push the boundaries of our understanding of quantum mechanics and to develop powerful new technologies based on the unique properties of quantum systems.

The Quantum Science Group in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney undertakes experimental and theoretical research in quantum science with the aim of learning how to engineer and manipulate complex quantum systems. This incorporates work aimed at addressing challenges at both the hardware and software levels.

At this time, a variety of technology platforms have demonstrated quantum coherent phenomena. Our experimental research efforts focus on two proven systems: spins in semiconductors and trapped atomic ions. These efforts, while distinct, share complementary control techniques and are unified by platform-independent theoretical research in support of the group’s broad interests in quantum science.

Our theoretical research tackles the `big questions' in quantum science. Our research program in Quantum Information Theory explores the full spectrum of questions from the foundational, such as `How does complex behaviour emerge from simple quantum systems?' and `Is there a physical reality that explains the strange quantum properties like Bell nonlocality?', to the practical, including `How can we harness the exotic properties of quantum physics to design new technologies like quantum computers?'.

Primary investigators constituting the Quantum Science Group are:

The Quantum Science Group at the University of Sydney is a member of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems, EQuS, a multi-institutional, international collaboration focused on the development of engineered quantum systems.