Welcome to the Child Behaviour Research Clinic website.


The Child Behaviour Research Clinic is a treatment, teaching, and research clinic interested in developing, evaluating and disseminating state-of-the-art treatments for young children with behavioural and emotional problems. One of our main activities is to offer help mothers and fathers who would like to learn better strategies to assist them in managing their child's behavioural difficulties.

We have spent years researching a programme that will most benefit families struggling with child behaviour difficulties, and offer evidence-based help to parents.

We currently offer assessment and treatment via online and face to face parent management training. As we are a research clinic we do have research criteria, please have a look at our inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Our friendly staff are also here to assess whether you are suitable for one of our projects. Please read the About Us section to find out more.

If you are interested in referring a client or participating in one of our projects, please contact us via our Contacts page.

Follow the tabs for more information on our multiple research projects, staff and possible internships.