About Not Guilty


“I am here to tell you that you can get justice even when you think that all is lost!”

(Michael Chamberlain, Father of Azaria)


Miscarriages of justice can and do occur in countries like Australia. Not Guilty: The Sydney Exoneration Project is a  psychology and law research program at The University of Sydney that reviews cases of possible wrongful convictions. Our research team consists of psychology and law students supervised by academic staff. The ultimate aim of Not Guilty is to seek justice for wrongfully convicted inmates while providing a unique educational experience where students  can apply the knowledge acquired during their courses. Students from the School of Psychology and Faculty of Law have the opportunity to work closely together and learn from other each other’s different, but relevant, fields. In addition to ultimately seeking social justice for those in need we hope this program will assist in forming closer collaboration between different fields and assist improvements in the legal system.