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Science scholarships

Opening doors to opportunities
Offering scholarships for both academic excellence and equity, we are proud to have the largest and most generous program of scholarships and prizes in NSW.

Allowing you to focus on what matters most, scholarships provide the financial security to pursue education with more freedom so you can immerse yourself fully in opportunities like volunteering, internships and club involvement.

We award scholarships based on two criteria – excellence and achievement, and equity and merit. We offer these scholarships to the most able and deserving students, both domestic and international.

Our science scholarships are awarded to recent school leavers, current undergraduate students (including summer research scholarships), Honours students and postgraduate students. Some scholarships are automatic based on your ATAR or equivalent, while others you will need to apply for.

Please note, the below scholarships for recent school leavers are available to domestic students only. International students need to apply for scholarships and prizes through UAC.

Science Summer Research:
Denison and Science Research Experience Scholarships

The Faculty of Science Summer Research program offers you research projects when you are in your second or third year of your undergraduate degree, plus an associated scholarship.

The program allows you to engage in research whilst completing your undergraduate studies, which enhances your student experience and provides insight into potential further research studies.

The projects are a great way to gain research experience and an insight into research process, while working alongside our leading scientific researchers. The projects are formal supervised research projects carried out over six-weeks during the summer holiday period (November to February), equipping you with valuable academic and professional skills. Each project is tailored to suit your interests.

The program is open to both current University of Sydney students (domestic and international), and domestic students from other Australian and New Zealand universities. Unfortunately, international students from other universities in Australia and New Zealand are not eligible to apply due to visa limitations.

Participants in the program are supported by the Denison Scholarship or the Science Research Experience Scholarship. If you live 100+km outside of metropolitan Sydney, you can also apply for the Denison Relocation Scholarship to assist with travel and relocation costs. Applicants who apply for a project will automatically be considered for a scholarship, and must meet the scholarship terms and conditions.

See the full range of Summer Research projects available (PDF, 414kb)

Apply online for the Summer Research program 2019-20.