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Academic integrity

As a student of the University, you are responsible for taking part in your education in an honest and authentic manner.    

Whether you’re a coursework or research student, academic integrity means conducting your pursuit of knowledge honestly and responsibly. This contributes to a culture of academic integrity and supports the University’s reputation in education and research. It means you’ll graduate with a valuable qualification based on this reputation.

We expect you to be familiar with the policies and codes covering academic honesty and conduct at the University.

You need to follow these codes and policies during your time at the University. We do not tolerate any form of breach or academic dishonesty.

Promoting academic integrity

You have access to a range of resources and services to help you meet the academic standards required to complete your course.

Academic honesty education module

If you are commencing study under a new course code, or are enrolled in any unit of study at the University of Sydney Business School, you need to complete the Academic Honesty Education Module (AHEM). This includes students who are:

  • enrolling or transferring to a new degree
  • commencing honours
  • in a combined degree program and have progressed to the second degree (your degree code has changed)

The module needs to be completed by 31 March for Semester 1 and 31 August for Semester 2. If you do not complete the module by the deadline, your academic record may be supressed.

The module will help you understand the University’s policy on academic honesty. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and consists of information about academic honesty and interactive questions to check your understanding.

If you are not required to complete the Academic Honesty Education Module, you can still access it according to the instructions below for continuing students.

Access academic honesty module

  • Log in to the LMS (Blackboard)
  • In ‘My units of study’ select ‘Academic Honesty Education Module’.

You can complete the eCommunity (or self-enrol) version of the module.

  • Log in to the LMS (Blackboard)
  • Select the ‘eCommunities’ option at the top of the page
  • Select the 'eCommunity Self-enrolment' tab
  • Click the 'Join' button next to 'Academic Honesty Education Module'. The module will appear in ‘My eCommunities’ next time you log in.


If you have trouble accessing the academic honesty module, contact us at or call +61 2 8627 5221. 

Workshops, services and resources

There is a wide range of workshops and online resources to improve your understanding of academic and professional writing, and to help you develop your skills in this area.

Last updated: 29 September 2017

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