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Become a PASS facilitator

Eligibility and how to apply


You are eligible to apply to become a PASS facilitator if you:

  • received at least a distinction grade in a relevant unit of study and a credit average overall in your academic achievement to date. You can apply to facilitate in a unit of study that you are currently studying if you think it’s likely that you’ll achieve at least a distinction grade.
  • can commit to working for the entire year
  • will be on campus a minimum of three weekdays during each semester
  • can attend the three-day Assessment Centre course on 11, 12 and 13 February 2020
  • have a basic understanding of the PASS model through attending relevant sessions
  • are not concurrently tutoring within the Business School, Law School or Faculty of Pharmacy
  • have the knowledge of and commitment to complying with the University of Sydney Staff Code of Conduct (pdf, 70KB).

How to apply

Applications to be part of the 2019 PASS team have now closed.

Applications to be part of the 2020 PASS team are due by 10am Friday 13 September 2019. 

To apply you'll need to the relevant application form and indicate which units of study you’d like to facilitate:

PASS Law facilitator application (doc 115KB)
PASS Business facilitator application (doc, 116KB)
PASS Pharmacy facilitator application (doc, 106 KB)

With your application you will also need to include:

  • a statement, providing evidence addressing each of the selection criteria (up to two pages long).
  • a copy of your transcript printed from Sydney Student (go to 'My studies' then 'Assessments')
  • a passport-style photograph.

You will need to submit your application in the following order:

Passport photo attached to the front. Then your application form, selection criteria and your transcript last.

You'll need to submit three copies of each document, in the order as shown in the above image. The three completed application packs should be submitted by the due date to:


Attention: Jessica Morr
Business Education
The University of Sydney Business School
Room 3043, H70 – Business School Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Note that:

  1. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.
  2. To be considered for these positions, you need to address all the selection criteria and carefully follow the application instructions.
  3. Positions are competitive and meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee employment.

Selection criteria

You need to address all of the selection criteria below in your 'Selection criteria statement'. Address each criterion under a separate sub heading. See our tips on writing selection criteria (pdf, 90KB)

In your statement, you need to provide evidence of the following abilities.

  1. Empathy with students and the struggles they may experience in specific units of study and/or their transition to university study.
  2. Ability to identify areas of student difficulty and strategies to help students overcome those difficulties.
  3. Good time management, communication, listening and interpersonal skills.
  4. Proven ability to reflect upon your own performance and implement feedback.
  5. An understanding of the PASS program, including belief in the benefits of peer learning and group discussion, along with a desire to put this into practice.
  6. Capacity to facilitate a group without dominating.

PASS units of study for 2019

Undergraduate units

  • ACCT1006 Accounting and Financial Management
  • ACCT2012 Management Accounting A
  • BUSS1000 Future of Business
  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • BUSS1030 Accounting, Business and Society
  • BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making
  • CLAW1001 Foundations of Business Law
  • FINC2011 Corporate Finance I
  • FINC2012 Corporate Finance II
  • INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation
  • LAWS1012 Torts (Semester 2)
  • LAWS1016 Criminal Law (Semester 2)
  • LAWS1015 Contracts (Semester 1)
  • LAWS1017 Torts and Contracts II (semester 2)
  • LAWS1023 Public International Law (Semester 1)
  • PHAR1812 Basic Pharmaceutical Science (Semester 1)

Postgraduate units (honours students may apply for these positions)

  • ACCT5001 Accounting Principles
  • ACCT5002 Managerial Accounting and Decision Making
  • ACCT6001 Intermediate Financial Reporting
  • BUSS5020 Business Insights
  • BUSS5001 Firms, Markets and Business Management
  • CLAW5001 Legal Environment of Business
  • FINC5001 Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
  • QBUS5001 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • QBUS5002 Quantitative Methods for Accounting
  • LAWS5001 Torts (semester 1)
  • LAWS5002 Contracts (semester 1)
  • LAWS5004 Criminal Law (semester 2)
  • LAWS5005 Public International Law (semester 2)
  • LAWS5006 Torts and Contracts II (semester 2)
Last updated: 08 November 2018

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