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Become an Inspired by Business mentor

The Inspired by Business Program recognises and supports talented high school students who have an interest in studying business. As an undergraduate student in the Business School, you can become a peer mentor and help these students settle in to university.    


The program works with schools identified in low-socio economic communities to identify students who have an interest in studying business but who may not have thought about studying at the University of Sydney.

What’s involved

You need to be available to complete professional development, as part of the application process, in late November or early December of the year before you start mentoring.

As an Inspired by Business mentor, you’ll be paid for your time at a rate of approximately $37.43 per hour, equivalent to a University staff member in the HEO 3, Level 1 pay range. The amount of time you’ll spend is usually between one and three hours of work each week for Semester 1. This may decrease in Semester 2 depending on the needs of your mentee.

You are required to:

  • attend the Inspired by Business day in February
  • attend Welcome week events with your mentee in February/March
  • have an hour meeting with your mentee each fortnight during Semester 1 (Semester 2 may involve a different, less-frequent meeting schedule)
  • complete three written reports per semester
  • attend any Inspired by Business team meetings throughout semester.

Benefits of being a mentor

As an Inspired by Business mentor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • work within a supportive and enjoyable team environment
  • gain personal satisfaction through helping others
  • receive free professional development in leadership and communication skills
  • receive a certificate of recognition when you complete the Inspired by Business professional development program
  • improve your communication, organisation, reporting and time management skills
  • widen your networks on campus
  • gain significant experience that will enhance your CV, such as documented leadership experience.
Last updated: 20 November 2018

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