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Business summer intensive units

The Business School is offering a number of summer intensive units in 2019.

Undergraduate summer intensive units

Summer intensive units available to Undergraduate students are:

Intensive January

  • BANK2011 Banking and the Financial System
  • FINC2011 Corporate Finance I
  • IBUS2101 International Business Strategy
  • IBUS3106 International Special Project (departmental permission required)
  • INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation

Intensive February

  • BUDL2901 Leading Creative Solutions: Ideas (open to Dalyell Scholars only)

You can find details about dates, times and locations from the undergraduate summer intensive timetable.

Postgraduate Summer intensive units

Summer intensive units available to Postgraduate students are:

Intensive January

  • ACCT6001 Intermediate Financial Reporting (Departmental Permission required)
  • ACCT6010 Advanced Financial Reporting (Departmental Permission required)
  • FINC5001 Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
  • FINC6001 Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • FINC6015 Trading in Securities Markets
  • INFS5001 Project Management

Intensive February

  • BUSS6000 Succeeding in Business (Departmental Permission required)

You can find details about dates, times and locations from the postgraduate summer intensive timetable.

Last updated: 14 February 2019

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