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Cadetships allow you to complete university studies while being employed and gaining professional experience. Usually your program of study is tailored to meet both your work and study requirements.

In some situations, you can attend evening classes to fit around your work requirements or complete your studies part time.

Cadetships in Business

You can complete your cadetship at the Business School while studying the Bachelor of Commerce with an Accounting, Commercial Law or Finance major. Your timetable is tailored to help you meet both your academic and work requirements and selected majors can be completed on a part-time basis, with evening classes available.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cadetship programs

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student enrolled full-time in undergraduate study at the University, you may be able to complete a cadetship. These are three-year, part-time employment contracts providing you with paid workplace experience within your chosen profession. They can also enhance your employment prospects when you graduate.

You are required to work 420 hours each year. This can be completed either one day each week with the remainder worked during semester breaks, or in two blocks of time during your semester breaks.  

To be eligible you need to be registered with the Australian government’s Indigenous Cadetship Support (ICS) program.

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