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Change your course

  1. Before you apply
  2. Allowable transfers and upgrades/downgrades
  3. Internal course application

Allowable transfers and upgrades/downgrades

The simplest way to change degrees is by transferring to a course allowed by your faculty or school. This might include upgrading or downgrading your award course, transferring from a combined degree into a single degree, or changing streams.


You can see what courses are allowed by your faculty or school in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, ‘Course details’, ‘Request course transfer’ then select ‘continue’ to view the options available.

If no options are available, you'll need to submit an internal course application to change your course. 

If you are a postgraduate coursework student, you may have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your course.

For example, if you have met the requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science, you may be able to upgrade your studies to the Master of Environmental Science. Alternatively, if you are undertaking the Master of Environmental Science, you may downgrade to exit your course early with the Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science.

You should speak to your supervisor first about changing your course.

If you are completing a master’s degree by research and would like to upgrade to a doctorate, you will need to:

  • have met key milestones in your current progress plan
  • demonstrate that your research meets the requirements of a doctorate
  • demonstrate that your ability to complete the requirements of a doctorate in your remaining period of candidature.

If you are completing a doctorate and would like to downgrade to a masters by research, you should discuss this with your supervisor. You can also contact the Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre for further information.

You are eligible for an allowable course transfer if you would like to:

  • change from a combined to a single degree (within the same course)
  • articulate or exit with a lower award (postgraduate only)
  • change from Honours to Pass (within the same course).

In all other cases you will need to make an internal course application.

Before requesting a transfer of any kind you should discuss this with your course director or Honours coordinator.

When to apply

If you are a coursework student you need to apply for a transfer after the release of semester results and before the next semester starts. This gives us time to process your application, and ensure it is finalised by the time you need to enrol.

If you are a research student, you need to submit your application before the next research period starts. You should apply as early as possible to ensure your application can be processed.

If you submit your application after census date, your transfer will not take effect until the following semester or research period.

The last day to apply for an allowable transfer for Semester 1 2017 was 24 February.

If you are enrolled in a graduate certificate or graduate diploma and want to upgrade to a master’s or complete an allowable transfer course, submit your application by 28 February or 30 June of each academic year. After you submit your application, you’ll need to email the Veterinary science academic support unit at, to let us know that you have done so.

Apply before the last day to add units of study if you would like to upgrade in the current semester.

You cannot apply to upgrade if the shorter award course has already been conferred.

How to apply

You can apply for an allowable transfer in Sydney Student (go to ‘My studies’, ‘Course details’, then ‘Request course transfer’).

You will need to select the course you would like to transfer to, provide a reason for your request and upload any supporting documents.

Changing streams

If you change streams it is not guaranteed that you will receive credit for your previous study. If you intend to change streams you should try to do this as early as possible to ensure you are able to fulfil the requirements of your new stream.

If you’re undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science and want to transfer to or from the Advanced or Advanced Mathematics stream of the Bachelor of Science, you can email with your request.

If you are an undergraduate student and would like to change your stream, such as moving from a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) to a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), you will need to apply to the faculty using one of the following online forms:

Bachelor of Engineering Flexible first year program, use the Flexible first year declaration of discipline form.

All other Bachelor of Engineering programs, use the stream change request form.

Your application will generally be assessed based on your Annual Average Mark (AAM).

If you want to change streams, such as transferring from the Bachelor of Science to the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) or the Bachelor of Psychology (Arts) to the Bachelor of Psychology (Science), you will need to apply to the faculty using the Stream transfer form (pdf, 179KB).

You need to submit this form after your results have been released and before the first day of the upcoming semester.

The following stream transfers are available:



Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/ Bachelor of Science (Advanced Maths)

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/ Bachelor of Science (Advanced Maths)

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/ Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/ Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Psychology (Arts)

Bachelor of Psychology (Science)

If you’re in a combined degree administered by another faculty or school, such as the Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science, contact the administering faculty or school about transferring your stream.

What happens next

Once we have assessed your application we will email you with an outcome. If your request is successful you will need to enrol in your new course.

An application for credit for the course you are transferring out of will be automatically generated. If you're eligible and granted credit, you'll need to accept the offer of credit in Sydney Student. This will then be applied to your new course.

This credit will then be visible during your enrolment under ‘Your credit’, in the Units of study selection screen. See Credit for previous study for more information.

If your request to transfer is successful, there are some steps to follow before you can enrol in your new course. 

  1. We need to assess if you are eligible for credit. If you receive a credit offer, you need to accept or decline each offer of credit.
  2. We need to issue you with a new eCoE. We will email you once this is ready.

Once we have emailed you with your new eCoE, you can then enrol in your new course

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