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Clinical placement checks and clearances

If you are completing a health-related degree at the University, a core part of your course will be a placement in a health facility. There are certain checks and clearances you will need to complete before you can undertake this placement.

Overview and NSW Ministry of Health verification

Before you attend a placement in a NSW Ministry of Health facility, you will need to meet certain requirements to be verified by the NSW Ministry of Health to ensure your safety and that of other students, staff and patients.

We will let you know during enrolment what checks and clearances are required for your course. Depending on your placement and faculty or school requirements, you may also need to get a Working With Children Check.

If you are completing a placement in another state or territory, or a private facility, you will still need to complete these checks and clearance requirements. There may also be additional requirements or processes to follow.

NSW Ministry of Health verification

You can get your verification at a scheduled on-campus verification session. After you have enrolled, we will email you with details of your session.

You will need certain documents and forms to be checked by representatives from the NSW Ministry of Health.

  1. A completed Student placement clearance summary sheet (pdf, 414KB).
  2. Vaccination and Immunisation evidence including:
  3. A signed Code of conduct agreement for student undertaking clinical placements.
  4. A National police check and any necessary supporting documents.

Current NSW Ministry of Health employees

If you are a current NSW Ministry of Health employee, you still need to get verified as a student by the NSW Ministry of Health before your placement.

What happens next

You will need to attend your allocated verification session.

If you have gained full or temporary compliance, you will be able to attend your placement.

If you have been assessed as unable to either temporarily or permanently meet one or more of these mandatory requirements, contact the Office of Clinical Education Support.

Office of Clinical Education Support

Opening hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Last updated: 09 August 2019

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