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Planning your course

Academic advice

Most faculties and schools have academic advisors who can provide advice about planning your course.

Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors

Your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors are senior academics available to offer you advice and support throughout your studies. You can talk to them about a range of different topics including:

  • improving your academic performance
  • setting study goals
  • planning your degree and choosing subjects
  • understanding the range of different student support services available to you and accessing the best resources for your needs
  • what to do if you are struggling at university and need some advice.

If you have a question about a specific unit of study you are enrolled in, it's best to contact your unit of study coordinator. If you aren’t sure who to speak to, contact the Student Affairs and Engagement team at and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Contact your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisor

There are two key ways you can contact your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisor.

  1. Send an email using the contact details below. In your email inlcude who you are, what you are studying, and what you’d like to discuss. You can contact any of the Advisors listed and should choose the person who most closely matches your study background. If your Department does not have an Advisor, we recommend you contact any of the Advisors from your School.
  2. Meet an Advisor at one of our regularly scheduled Academic Advice Sessions. Find out more and register for a session.
School Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

Dr Brian Hedden (Philosophy) 

Dr. Anthea Taylor (Department of Gender & Cultural Studies)

Dr. Andres Rodriguez (History)

Dr Patrick Faulkner (Archaeology)

Dr. Ben Brown (Classics and Ancient History)

School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

Dr Xiaohuan Zhao (Chinese Literature)

Dr Anthony Dracopoulos (Modern Greek Studies)

Dr Caroline Lipovsky (Department of French and Francophone Studies)

School of Literature Art and Media (SLAM)

Dr. Nick Riemer   (English and Linguistics)

Dr Jan Guy (Visual Arts)

School of Economics

Assoc Prof Stephen Whelan (Economics)

Dr Marian Vidal-Fernandez (Economics)

Dr David Ubilava (Economics UG Coordinator)

School of Social and Political Sciences

Dr John Brookfield (Government and International Relations)

Dr Chris Neff (Government and International Relations)

Dr Beatriz Carrilo Garcia (Sociology and Social Policy)

Dr Elizabeth Hill (Political Economy)

School of Education and Social Work Mr Michael Narciso (Education)
Specialist portfolios  
Academic honesty

Dr Giorgia Alu - Educational Integrity Coordinator

Dr Nigel Goodwin - Educational Integrity Coordinator

Appeals and Progression Associate Professor Mark Melatos - Director, Academic Appeals and Progression
Disability Associate Professor David Evans - Faculty Disability Liaison Officer
Social Inclusion Associate Professor Catriona Elder Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services)
Student Affairs Dr Rebecca Johinke -  Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Student Life Dr. Carolyn Stott - Associate Dean, Student Life
Bachelor of International and Global Studies (BIGS)
Professor Dirk Moses Degree Director

Your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors are senior academics available to offer you advice and support throughout your studies. Refer to the information and contact details for Arts and social sciences to get in touch with an Advisor. 

If you're studying in the Faculty of Science, you can find more information about degree planning and academic advice (pdf, 120KB). This includes a degree planner to help you plan your studies, and what to do to request an academic advice appointment.

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