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Approved calculators

If a non-programmable calculator is permitted in your exam, you’ll need to get it approved for use first. 

Permitted calculators

The Approvable non-programmable calculator list lists calculator models that will be approved for use in University exams.

If you use a programmable calculator in an exam where only non-programmable calculators are permitted, this will be considered academic misconduct.

Get your calculator approved

If you’re using a non-programmable calculator in an exam, you’ll need to bring it to the Student Centre to be approved. Once it’s been checked we’ll attach a sticker to it to show that it’s been approved.

Only calculators on the list can be approved by the Student Centre.  

If you had your calculator approved before the end of Semester 1 2017, and the sticker is still intact, you can continue to use it without needing to get it approved again. This applies even if your calculator isn’t on the current list.

In some situations, specific units of study may allow the use of calculators not on the list. You need to refer to your unit of study outline or contact your unit of study coordinator to confirm if your calculator is allowed in your exam.

You can borrow an approved non-programmable calculator from the Students' Representative Council office, subject to availability.

Approvable non-programmable calculator list

Only calculators on this list will be approved for use in University of Sydney examinations by the Student Centre.




  • F717SGA
  • F720
  • F720i


  • fx-82AU
  • fx-82AU PLUS
  • fx-82AU PLUS II
  • fx-82MS
  • fx-82TL
  • fx-83WA
  • fx-85MS
  • fx-100AU
  • fx-100AU PLUS
  • fx-100S
  • fx-300MS
  • fx-350MS
  • fx-911Z

Dick Smith

  • V7184

Hewlett Packard

  • HP8S
  • HP10S
  • HP10S+


  • IN-82SC


  • JasCS1
  • JasCS EVO

Office One

  • 3000


  • FB 350MS


  • DS-82MS
  • KD-350MS
  • D1-5
  • SC-150MX
  • SC-250MX


  • EL-509V
  • EL-509WM
  • EL-520WG
  • EL-W531HA
  • EL-531VH
  • EL-531WH
  • EL-531X
  • EL-W532THBW
  • EL-531XH
  • EL-W532XH

Student Centre

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Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
Last updated: 26 September 2017

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