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Learning workshops

The Learning Centre and Mathematics Learning Centre offer a range of free workshops to help develop your academic capabilities. There are workshops available for all enrolled students.

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Learning workshops

The Learning Centre runs workshops throughout the year, held on both the Camperdown and Cumberland campuses.

Workshops are intensive two-to-three hour sessions, with some running over several weeks. In these workshops, you'll develop specific areas such as critical reading, research writing or developing an argument.

To get the most out of workshops, bring examples of your work that you can use in the session.

Find out about the workshops available and how to register on the Learning Centre website.

Mathematics Learning Centre revision workshops

The Mathematics Learning Centre offers a range of workshops linked to some first year mathematics units of study. These revision workshops will go through specific topics in the unit of study, usually one or two weeks after that topic has been completed in the lectures.

To get the most out of the workshops, bring your lecture notes and tutorial/problem sheets.

To register for a mathematics workshop, visit the Mathematics Learning Centre website and navigate to your unit of study under ‘Unit of study materials’.

Mathematics Learning Centre

  • +61 2 9351 5797
  • Room 177, Level 1 Carslaw F07
Opening hours

Learning Centre (Cumberland Campus)

  • Ground Floor, Building A, Cumberland Campus, Lidcombe
Opening hours
By appointment
Last updated: 04 April 2018

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