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Lucy Mentoring Program

The Lucy Program is a leadership program for female students studying in the Business School or Sydney Law School. Through the program, you will receive mentoring and education about the opportunities available for employment and leadership in the corporate and public sectors.

All mentors in the Lucy Program are professionals in senior roles within the corporate, public or not-for-profit sector. Generally, mentors are from finance, accounting, business or law and have volunteered to share their work and life expertise, skills and knowledge.

As part of the program, you will spend at least 35 hours in your mentor’s workplace. This can be either in a block or in stages over a few weeks between May and September.

Information on the program and what’s involved is outlined in the Lucy participant manual (pdf, 392KB).

If you are a professional interested in becoming a mentor, you can find information and request an application form.


You are eligible to apply if you are a female student who has not previously participated in the program. You need to be either:

  • in your second (or later) year of study at the Business School
  • in your second last year of study at the Sydney Law School (your fourth year if you are completing a combined Bachelor of Laws program or second year if you are completing the Juris Doctor program).

Priority is given if you are an undergraduate applicant in your second last or final year of study. Unfilled places may be offered to postgraduate applicants.

To be eligible, you also need to:

  • have the potential to contribute to the corporate or public sector
  • commit to complete the Lucy Program between May and September
  • make a long-term commitment to contribute to the program by assisting future Lucy mentees, including sharing your experience of the program
  • demonstrate leadership potential
  • possess effective communication skills
  • have achieved a credit average or above in your studies.

Priority is given to students who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, disadvantage(s) that may affect entry into networks leading to employment in the corporate sector. In this situation, you may be asked to provide supporting evidence.

How to apply

Applications for the LUCY mentoring program for 2017 have now closed.

What happens next

If successful, you will be matched with a suitable mentor based on your area of study and interest, and the mentor’s area of expertise.

You’ll need to attend the launch event for the program and complete a reflective learning journal.

A graduation ceremony will be held at the end of the program.

Lucy participant manual

Download PDF

Nadia McDonagh

Student Experience Coordinator
Last updated: 29 September 2017

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