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Moving into the new curriculum

If you’re considering a change to the new curriculum find out whether you’re eligible, how it works, and what it would mean for you.


If you’re in Year 1 of a liberal studies award course in arts, science and commerce, and related degrees you may be eligible to apply to move to the new curriculum version of your course.

This means a new way of structuring your course with new opportunities to study or work with other disciplines and get involved with real-world projects and research. Learn more about how the new curriculum is structured.

We’ve also introduced the combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies award course, where you can combine your current three-year course with another year to create a four-year combined degree that provides the opportunity to undertake honours study, advanced coursework, or major project work.

Continuing in the current curriculum

It is your choice whether you move to the new curriculum in 2018. If you’d prefer to continue in the current version of your course, you can re-enrol and there will be no impact to your studies. You will continue to receive the highest quality learning experience, graduating with an award course that is internationally recognised from one of the world’s leading universities.

Move to the new curriculum version of a course

If you move into the new curriculum you will have a new course structure and new course requirements to meet.  We’ll assess you for credit from your previous studies but you may also need to enrol in additional units of study in order to meet the new course requirements. This could extend the length of time needed to complete your course.

If you change to a course in the new curriculum, you can’t go back to your previous course.

How it works


Check that you are eligible


Check your current course resolutions and use our new curriculum course models to consider your progress so far, the credit you may be eligible for, and how this will affect your progression in the new course. 


Apply to change your course.


Accept or decline credit you’ve been offered before you can enrol in your new course.

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Last updated: 19 July 2018

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