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Moving into the new curriculum

What happens next

We will assess your application and email you with a decision after Semester 2 2017 results have been released.

Before we can assess your application, you will also need to have results from your current course for:

  • 2 units of study that may be counted towards your chosen major in the new course
  • 2 units of study that may be counted toward your chosen minor (or second major) in the new course.

If you receive an offer you need to:

  • accept your offer of admission to the new curriculum course version
  • accept or decline each unit of study credit offer individually. The credit point value for each unit of study you accept will contribute toward the requirements for the award of your new degree.

You may choose to decline your offer of admission to a new curriculum course. If you decline, you can enrol in your current course in 2018 and continue your studies. You can't defer your offer of admission to a later start date.

Once you enrol in a new course, you can't return to your previous course of study.

Student Centre

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Last updated: 08 January 2018

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