Student Travel Alert re Hong Kong

The University has been carefully monitoring the situation in Hong Kong. We would like to advise all University of Sydney travellers that normal travel to/from Hong Kong is considered safe providing the following precautions are met:

  • Staff and students should defer any visits to Universities in Hong Kong. Universities are currently closed in Hong Kong and are central to most security action
  • Travellers should practice enhanced awareness and take precautions. This includes ensuring that all travel to Hong Kong includes receiving a pre-travel advisory from¬†International SOS.
  • If in Hong Kong, and taking local transport, travellers should check with their local contacts to ensure they believe it is safe to travel to the work destination
  • Generally, the protests and protestors within central Hong Kong are not violent, however ISOS are constantly monitoring this.
  • In Hong Kong, situational awareness is essential, as Protestors are moving around Hong Kong to different locations.
  • Transit in Hong Kong at the airport is considered safe

At any time, travellers can access the latest information from International SOS

If your travel plans are affected and you have booked via Travel Partner please contact on:

T: +61 2 9112 1680 (24 hrs)